RG 600/18

Baureihe RG 600/18
Fassungsvermögen 77 Tonnen 102 M3
Prod. täglich getrocknetes Produkt t / 24h  
Vom 20 zum 15 1200  
prod. täglich getrocknetes und gekühltes Produkt    
Vom 25 zum 15 720  
Nennleistung 3x30 kW
Brenner-Nennleistung [kW] 3.600.000 Kcal/h

Technisches Datenblatt

Abmessungen RG 600/18
A Durchmesser 5.3 m
B Balkonbreite 21 m
C Höhe - m



Capacities listed are wet tons, at listed moisture content, and are based on drying principles, field results and computer simulations.

The technical data reported must therefore be considered only indicative and purely for examples purposes, therefore they must be verified directly by the users, in the specific applications.

Variations may occur due to multiple climatic or meteorological factors (temperature, humidity, insolation, etc.) and physiological factors of the product (size, chemical composition, variety, maturity) which can influence yields and estimated data.

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