Case studies

D24 automatic dryer in storage system

An English farm grows barley, rapeseed, wheat and oats and plans on installing a new drying and storage system to reduce management costs, to increase current productivity and to help the farm grow from an industrial standpoint.

SSI 28 for rice and white corn

The customer, a traditional family-based Italian farm, requires a dryer to dry 500 tons of paddy rice and 200 tons of white corn of own production in order to independently manage the phases of: * drying / * storage / * sale of the grains at the most favorable time.

In order to return the investment more quickly, the customer is looking for the opportunity to provide drying services to other farmers. For this reason, the mobile dryer, equipped with wheels, will allow him to move easily from one location to another.


T20 Mobile Toaster

A Danish subcontractor would like to extend his range of services by inserting roasting in his catalogue. The customer needs a Roaster which is both mobile, quick in the drying process and efficient to make this roasting service available to satisfy about 2 – 3 customers a day according to their geographical distances.

LPG mobile dryer

A Polish company produces poultry feed purchasing dried grains and corn, in different periods of the year, from local producers. The insertion of a Mecmar dryer with LPG burner allowed them to reduce procurement costs of the grain and made the feed produced healthier, giving it better quality and safer for animals while lowering production costs.


Soybean toasting plant

A Croatian cattle farm grows soybeans used to feed the animals. Aware of the fact that the high quality of the meat is especially the result of what the animals eat, the customer is interested in following the growth/fattening cycle of the animals with his own soybean to obtain higher quality meat, lower costs and greater margins in selling the beef.

CPT10 + storage silo

A small farm in Rwanda needs to improve and optimise the drying and storage processes by implementing an integrated solution consisting of dryer + storage silo.

The customer, who up till today was on the market as a small farm, can sell his product, the drying and storage services and guarantee higher quality of the processed corn.