mobile dryers

S 45/370 F

S series S 45/370 F
capacity 50 ton 66.7 m3
dried product daily production ton/24h m3/24h
from 20% to 15% 552 766.67
from 25% to 15% 372 516.67
from 30% to 15% 280.8 390
daily production of dried and cooled product    
from 20% to 15% 372 516.67
from 25% to 15% 280.8 390
from 30% to 15% 225.6 313.33
Power at tractor PTO [kW at 540 rpm]. 95
Rated power 1 electric motor [kW] 75
Total power 4 electric motors [kW] 88,2
Burner nominal power min - max [kW]. 759-2443
Vacuum motor power [kW] 3

data sheet

dimensions S 45/370 F
A diameter 3,85 m B Machine height in transport position without discharge tube (and without aspirator) 8,53 m
C Machine height in transport position with discharge tube (and with aspirator) 8,53 m D Machine height in work position without aspirator 8,53 m
E Machine height in work position with aspirator 10,00 m F Product discharge height without discharge extension 6,71 m
G Product discharge height with discharge extension Modello senza prolunga di scarico m  



Capacities listed are wet tons, at listed moisture content, and are based on drying principles, field results and computer simulations.

The technical data reported must therefore be considered only indicative and purely for examples purposes, therefore they must be verified directly by the users, in the specific applications.

Variations may occur due to multiple climatic or meteorological factors (temperature, humidity, insolation, etc.) and physiological factors of the product (size, chemical composition, variety, maturity) which can influence yields and estimated data.

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