Our toasters gently, evenly and quickly treat any kind of grain (soybean, broad beans, faves, sorghum, corn...).

The product to be treated is loaded into the hopper and is dosed inside the toaster through a rotary valve. The conveyor belt gently accompanies the grains from the inlet to the outlet of the machine while they are evenly treated by a flow of hot air which, passing through a perforated bed, toasts them.

Based on the different needs, the heating power can be provided by either diesel, gas or LPG burners or by a heat exchanger. To increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, the hot air coming out of the machine is recovered to preheat the air used for toasting.

The toasting process is automated with the use of inverters and controlled by a network of sensors that allow you, on the one hand, to optimise the toasting process and, on the other hand, to intervene safely in an emergency.