tower dryers

The drying process is divided into 4 stages corresponding to a single operating configuration of the machine:

The products enters still wet and after going through the machine from the top to the bottom, it is dried and cooled.
The recovered heat from the grain during the cooling phase significantly reduces fuel consumption.
The corn is subject to a progressive decrease of the temperature, so that the grain does not receive any damage by sudden temperature changes, thus arriving in the discharge zone perfectly cleaned and cooled at room temperature.
Now it can be stored without any problem and in absolute safety.

RT series

model (ton/24h)
RT 150/7 120
RT 175/8 140
RT 200/9 156
RT 225/10 173
RT 250/11 188
RT 275/12 206

RM series

model (ton/24h)
RM 150/9 172
RM 200/11 224
RM 250/13 288
RM 300/16 344
RM 350/19 416
RM 400/21 468

RG series

model (ton/24h)
RG 400/14 490
RG 500/16 584
RG 600/18 720
RG 700/20 800
RG 800/22 880


The indicated productions are calculated according to a mathematical model by assuming the product is clean, ripe and under normal operating conditions. For further details, contact your nearest Mecmar dealer. Based on our continuous improvement policy, we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

The photos presented are only meant for informative purposes and if there are no photos of the described model on the page, photos of similar machines of the same series were used. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on the machines shown.