tractor (PTO)
electrical motors
dual drive



heating source

direct flame




standard loading hopper
loading hopper from heap
stubby hopper
enlarged tray


double thorugh the screen
single discharge from the top
discharge with electrical auger


dust aspirator
dust cyclone


standard equipment

Follow the features of durability, ease of use and customization that characterize a standard dryer configuration.


Cylinder and cone are hot deeply galvanized, while all the perforated screens are made of stainless steel AISI 430, showing long durability thorugh years.

Fixing nuts with geomet B treatment giving high resistance to oxidation. The screws are made with flat round head to facilitate the sliding of the product.

Loading auger and main augers have variable pitch for drying products with high moisturre levels without problems.

The augers are reinforced in wear sections for extending their life.

The head is equipped with Riello 2-stage burner. We have been working, cooperating and developing new product together with Riello for more than 20 years.

The dryer is equipped with robust mechanical systems such as to open / close the drains from the floor, extend the telescopic cylinders, lift the extension tube, insert the fan, and cargo cochlea.

Ease of use

The electromechanical control panel for burner allows to monitor the drying process in each phase. The burner automatically stops as sson as the grain reaches the programmed temperature or in case of air over-temperature.

Digital instruments with double window for reading the set up temperature and real time temperature are mounted inside the control panel.

The diesel tank has a large capacity and is equipped with coloured level for checking the fuel in any condition of work.

The gravity cleaner mounted on the dryer allows to remove residual dust during the drying process.

All greasing points are external, centralized in one location and with easy access for making any maintenance operation easier.

A grain sampler window is mounted on the screens and allows to extract grain samples during any drying phase.

Dryers are delivered with wheels for moving it inside private areas.

Dryers are delivered with aluminium ladder which is light, robust and easy to move.

The frame mounts bidirectional level bubbles for checking the correct position of the dryer.


Free choice between:

Hole perforation on metal screens: diameter 2,5mm or 1,5mm

2 types of filling hoppers for filling the drier either from pit or from wagon.

2 discharge systems: either double through the screen with manual opening from the ground with a rod or single from the top

Hole perforation on three screens for gravity cleaner.