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Continuous dryer: discover the features and how it works

Drying has always played a decisive and indispensable function as regards the treatment of cereal crops. Cereals, in fact, need to be subjected to a removal process of the excess moisture to prevent fermentation and degenerative phenomena that can compromise their proper storage.

Choosing the drying system that best suits the needs of your business will allow you not only to reduce waste, but also to improve the overall productivity of your company. With this in mind, a continuous dryer can be the ideal solution for drying any type of cereal. Within this article, Mecmar will illustrate their main features and how they work.

When to choose a continuous dryer?

The decision to adopt a continuous flow dryer must certainly be preceded by careful and accurate evaluations and planning. These drying systems, in fact, require precise management, as well as a continuous supply of moist grains, at a constant speed.

Precisely for this reason, continuous dryers are suitable for large farms: by managing large volumes of cereals to be dried, these companies are able to supply the machine with the product that needs to be processed without interruption, unlike small companies that can hardly guarantee a continuous supply 24/7 to the dryer.

What are the characteristics of a continuous dryer?

Regardless of whether your company is small, medium or large, it is first of all essential to evaluate what are the needs that distinguish it: what type of raw material is necessary to dry? Which destination will the processed cereals have?

By defining the needs of your company you will also be able to understand which type of system is best for you. In most cases, the general rule applies that the larger the machine chosen, the higher its level of productivity.

Mecmar has more than forty years of experience in the design and construction of tower dryers: these are, in fact, continuous drying systems that meet the demands of those farmers who need to treat large quantities of cereals throughout the year. The innovation underlying their operation is the first distinctive attribute of every Mecmar continuous dryer: in the cooling phase of the grain, the heat recovered from the dried beans guarantees a reduced use of fuel and consequent savings in terms of costs.

The design that distinguishes Mecmar continuous tower dryers also provides for the installation of a ventilation system: this is positioned in such a way as to limit the noise emitted by the system. In addition, the presence of an extractor placed at the base of the system favors a gentle treatment of cereals: only in this way is it possible to obtain homogeneous and regular drying of the grains.

All Mecmar continuous dryers are equipped with a control panel from which it is possible to fully coordinate all the mechanical and electrical components of the machinery. The presence of an automatic control system will therefore allow you to benefit from more efficient machines.

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How does the processing of cereals with a continuous dryer work?

Now that we have seen some of the features of Mecmar plants, let’s see what are the steps involved in processing the grain inside a continuous dryer.

This type of drying system – as happens with mobile dryers – bases its operation on four different phases, which take place within the same continuous dryer, in different areas.

The drying process begins with the loading of the grains inside the plant, to be prepared for the next drying phase. The plants of this type work thanks to a continuous cycle operation process: the grain is constantly extracted at the base of the machine and dried. Subsequently, when the time has come to cool the product, the cereal transfers its heat to the system so that it can be stored safely.

Going into detail, the product to dry descends from top to bottom, or is transported from the inlet to the outlet through a conveyor belt. Meanwhile, the flow of hot air passes transversely through the product to be dried, removing moisture. In all dryers there is a distinction between the drying area (where hot air passes) and a cooling area (where cold air is blown): generally, the first area occupies three quarters of the machine, while the rest goes to the cooling area that precedes the product release.

Thanks to the versatility and efficiency of Mecmar continuous dryers, you will have a reliable and high-performance system to automatically treat large quantities of grain in total peace of mind. The benefits that can be obtained are many: first of all, the possibility of marketing 100% safe foods, which retain all their nutritional properties.

Why equip yourself with a continuous tower dryer?

Continuous tower dryers are one of the best solutions when you need a continuous production that keeps the quality of the cereal high. But what are, in practice, the real advantages that these systems offer? Let’s see the main ones:

  • Compactness: tower dryers have compact dimensions compared to the productions they are able to offer;
  • Economic savings: the smallest models are delivered fully assembled, which allows to minimize installation costs;
  • Homogeneity of the treatment: the air is distributed evenly, allowing homogeneous drying on all the beans;
  • Reduced consumption: in the cooling area the heat released by the cereal is recovered and used to preheat the hot air useful for drying, thus reducing fuel consumption;
  • Simple maintenance: all moving parts can be inspected even when the machine is full, which makes maintenance operations easy even in emergency conditions.


If your company needs to dry from 150 tons of product upwards per day, for any type of cereal, a continuous dryer can be the best solution to carry out the drying process effectively and continuously.

Each Mecmar continuous dryer can be the ideal solution to optimize drying times and costs necessary to obtain a high quality product and high commercial value.

For over twenty years, Mecmar has specialized in the construction of continuous dryers for cereals: farmers all over the world appreciate them for their robustness and efficiency. Do you want to find out which model best meets your company’s needs? Contact us: the Mecmar team will be happy to answer any of your questions.




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