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Mecmar mechanical dryer for rice and corn: discover Mecmar efficiency

Did you know that Mecmar mechanical dryers are able to process both rice and corn excellently? In fact, they are very flexible in use and perfectly capable of drying all types of grains: rice, corn, wheat, soybeans and more.

If you are looking for a multi-grain solution for your farm that is easy to install, requires little maintenance and ensures high performance even after years and years of use, then Mecmar mobile dryers may be just what you need.

Features such as flexibility, maneuverability and compactness make them some of the most efficient mechanical rice and corn dryers on the market. If you are interested in learning a few more details about how they work, all you have to do is continue reading this article!

Corn vs. rice: how to perform their proper drying using Mecmar equipment?

Let us start with the grain that requires the gentlest and most delicate drying treatment: rice. At the time of harvest, this has a moisture level typically between 18% and 24%, which risks altering the quality of the product and its commercial value, favoring, the process of germination of the grain.

If the grain moisture is brought to a range that does not exceed 12-14%, the grain is instead in the best condition to be stored and preserved, for a long time. However, it is crucial to remember that acting promptly is crucial: in fact, rice drying must necessarily be carried out within a maximum of the first 24 h after harvest.

In the case of rice drying there are some important precautions to consider: the air circulating inside the dryer should not exceed 45°C. Although a less hot air flow results in less moisture removed per hour of drying compared to corn, it is still one of the most relevant aspects to consider in order to ensure uniform rice processing. In this way, the grains will not be damaged and, without cracks or breaks, will acquire a higher commercial value.

To learn all the details about the rice drying process that are useful in reducing post-harvest losses, discover the Mecmar guide.

On the other hand, as far as corn is concerned, since the latter is a grain with a more robust and resistant structure than rice – the kernel is not in fact covered with protective layers of husk and husk – it needs warmer air in order to be dried.

At harvest time, when corn is ripe, it has very variable moisture levels: between 16-18 percent in warm regions, up to 45 percent moisture in some areas of Europe. Clearly, therefore, the correct drying temperature will vary widely depending on the application, from a minimum of 60°C to a maximum of 120°C. This will therefore result in different treatment times and daily outputs.

Again with reference to corn, it is important not to wait to harvest the crop until the moisture level naturally drops. Doing so would expose the corn to the risk of insects, aflatoxins and other organisms ready to attack the plant: the danger of reducing the quality of harvested and dried corn is around the corner.

Want to discover how to quickly dry corn to reduce losses? We explain it inside this article!

Why choose a mechanical rice and corn dryer in the mobile version?

We are now clear about how critical it is to properly prepare rice and corn crops before storage by a drying process that secures the grains. Regardless of the qualities of each, Mecmar has developed and designed plants that are safe and excellent even for small yields of about 10 tons/day.

Moreover, being ISO 9001 certified, quality is paramount for Mecmar. In fact, all our dryers follow several production checks and are then delivered pre-assembled and tested.

Mecmar’s small-to-medium size dryers are designed for quick and safe installation in a short time after delivery: ready to be put into operation as soon as a few hours after arrival at your company. In addition to the great advantage of helping your business grow in productivity, mobile dryers can also be moved easily from one part of the company to another, whenever necessary.

To activate a Mecmar mobile dryer, simply operate it using electricity or a tractor (there is also a dual drive system), depending on whether or not your farm has a stable power supply. Once in operation, the mobile plants dry low volumes of different types of grain to ensure you always get the highest quality of processed products.

Mecmar’s experience now allows the fielding of easy-to-use mechanical rice and corn dryers, which require very little maintenance and cleaning time. This is why these machines in the mobile version are the ideal solution for small and medium-sized farms.

In conclusion

The convenience and low consumption associated with the use of Mecmar mobile dryers make them the most suitable machines for drying rice and corn, even though the two products have different intrinsic characteristics.

Intended for human and animal consumption, rice and corn require proper treatment to preserve all their organoleptic characteristics. Would you like to receive more information about this? Contact our team: we will promptly respond to all your questions and requests.



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