essiccatoi a torre

Mecmar tower dryers arise from the long experience accumulated over decades of direct contact with farmers.

After developing mobile dryers for more than twenty years, the first tower dryers were born in 1999, to meet the needs of farmers and drying centers that typically require a higher hourly production than discontinuous dryers can offer. Thanks to a deep knowledge of the sector, over the years Mecmar has managed to specialize in the production and construction of tower grain dryers, aiming day after day for innovation and constant improvement.

As with other products, while maintaining the characteristics of reliability, safety and ease of use as guidelines, Mecmar tower dryers offer numerous benefits to the farms. In fact, the heat recovered from the cereal during the cooling phase allows a considerable reduction in fuel consumption: this means significant economic savings. The presence of a fan inside a wall of product to dry allows to reduce the acoustic impact, acting as a silencer.

After the drying treatment, the cereal is subject to a progressive decrease in temperature to reach the unloading area clean and cooled at room temperature. The extractor at the base, designed and the result of many tests, is the key to a gentle and homogeneous treatment of the cereal, treated within the entire drying column. The control panel allows to manage all mechanical and electrical components, sensors and the gas train, to allow use in manual or fully automatic mode.

Our series

Mecmar has studied and developed three series of tower grain dryers: the RT series, the RM series and the RG series. The RT series includes the most compact dryers, easy to transport and assemble, which guarantees great efficiency and a reduction in time and costs as regards the installation and fielding phases. The RM series, on the other hand, is larger, as well as its working capacity and the speed of the drying process. Lastly, the RG series is the one that ensures the highest daily productivity, with high working capacity and great drying speed.

Discover the model that's right for you.

Questa è la serie di essiccatoi più compatti (Ø 2,5mt). Può esser facilmente trasportato su un tir in un unico blocco e spostata all’interno della stessa azienda con la rimozione di alcuni bulloni e l’utilizzo di una gru.


model (ton/24h)
RT 150/7 200
RT 175/8 232
RT 200/9 260
RT 225/10 288
RT 250/11 316
RT 275/12 344

La serie RM presenta dimensioni maggiori rispetto alla serie RT (Ø3,5mt e altezza che può raggiungere 24 mt) e per questo il suo assemblaggio avviene in loco.


model (ton/24h)
RM 150/9 288
RM 200/11 384
RM 250/13 480
RM 300/16 560
RM 350/19 680
RM 400/21 760

Al momento è la famiglia con la maggior produttività giornaliera, preferisce ampi spazi ma si adatta bene ai piccoli per il suo ancor contenuto diametro di base (Ø5,3mt).


model (ton/24h)
RG 400/14 840
RG 500/16 960
RG 600/18 1200
RG 700/20 1320
RG 800/22 1440

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