Mecmar S.p.a.

L’azienda Mecmar rappresenta oggi un punto di riferimento per la produzione di essiccatoi mobili e a torre e tostatrici per cereali, non solo in numerosi paesi europei ma anche oltreoceano.

Via Copparo, 29 37046 - Minerbe (VR) +39044299229 +39044299531

Suszarka mobilna Mecmar 24 ton – 2016 – Sprzedane

- SOLD -

Unique occasion!! 
Grain dryer MECMAR Mod. D24 / 175 T2 - year 2017
Technical specs:
Capacity: 32 cubic meters / 24 tons (considering specific weight 0.75g / cm3)
Width / Diameter: 3 mt
Required electrical power 58 kW
4 main motors for driving: main fan, central auger, loading auger, scraper.
2.5 mm perforated cylinder sheet, blind plate on the telescopic part
Gas burner (min./max. 116-581 KW power)

Full optional:
• Automatic interface via touch screen.
• Moisture sensor
• Electronic rotation sensor for central auger and agitators
• Automatic filling sensors
• Electrical dust aspirator for cleaning the grains during recirculation - very useful for removing light parts and powders from the cereal mass.
• Plastic roof
• Loading hopper
• Cyclone for dust separation

Cena: Sprzedany

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