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CD30 Static Cob Dryer

Mecmar new CD30 static cob dryer has been designed to dry readily-farmed and unprocessed corn cobs safely and cleanly. It consists of a tank with a capacity of 28m3 (corresponding approximately to 14-15 tons of corn cobs), to allow small farmers to efficiently reduce the humidity of the product, obtaining safe storage and limiting post-harvest risks (such as the development of molds, aflatoxins, etc.) which can damage corn.

The CD30 combines robust design with optimal product treatment: the structure is made of steel to ensure solidity and long life, while the design is designed to ensure gentle, clean and effective drying.

The forced air heat generator inside the CD30 dryer is equipped with an air-to-air exchanger: this engineering device guarantees to dry the cobs only with clean air, with the expulsion into the atmosphere of all combustion by-products (carried out via diesel or gas), without coming into contact with the cobs.

As per the tradition of Mecmar products, we focused on maintaining what we consider our key points: robustness, ease of use, low maintenance and high efficiency. Mecmar, when designing this static dryer, also wanted to ensure ease of assembly and high mobility.

This cob dryer consists of two parts, for quick and easy assembly at destination and to allow transport. The attachment points and the small wheels make the machine highly and easily transportable inside the farm.

The drying process operated by the CD30 involves channeling the hot air from the heat generator to the shallow perforated bed to extract the moisture from the cobs. The dryer can be loaded manually, with an even layer of cobs to cover the perforated bed. A retractable PVC canopy roof can be added to allow drying operations even during rainy days. Depending on the type of cobs, the level of humidity and the heating system, a full drying cycle can last from a few hours to a couple of days. Once dried, the corn is unloaded for storage. The machine is also equipped with thermostats and state-of-the-art temperature probes that trigger an automatic shutdown whenever the temperature exceeds the alarm threshold.

More than forty years of experience and specialization in agricultural technologies, as well as the presence of our products and dealers in over 50 countries, make Mecmar capable of creating solutions such as the CD30, which can be integrated into multiple contexts and adaptable to the most varied needs of farmers.


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