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Today, Mecmar is a benchmark for the production of mobile and tower dryers and grain roasters, not only in many European countries but also overseas.

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Discover how much it costs you to dry a ton of cereals

Adopting drying systems such as grain dryers is essential to increase your profits.

However, to make the investment consciously, preliminary assessments are necessary, in particular as regards the calculation of the costs to be incurred for the drying of cereals.

In this regard, Mecmar developed a document that offers all the tools for a quick and reliable estimate to help you evaluate which is the most suitable grain dryer for your needs.

The Mecmar calculator allows you to obtain an estimate of the costs and even of the revenues that you can probably expect thanks to the use of a grain dryer.

Download the Mecmar cost calculator and start planning your profits

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The document allows you to calculate the costs for some of the most cultivated cereals: barley, corn, rice, wheat and soybeans.

The structure of the Mecmar calculator is rather simple: starting from basic data (such as air temperature, specific gravity of the cereal, capacity such as volume and weight, starting and post-drying humidity rate, cost for energy and fuel) other information (such as hourly and daily production, for example) necessary to carry out the evaluation is calculated.

The calculation made thanks to these variables, combined with others, allows to estimate the costs in a realistic and useful way to evaluate the investment on a grain dryer concretely and consciously.

For an even more complete overview, the calculator proposed by Mecmar also offers an estimate of the earnings that the use of a dryer can guarantee.