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It all started in Italy but the world is our country, just as our dryers are made to work in every environment, from freezing Siberia, to hot tropical Asian, to Australian lands our dryers are suitable to work in every corner of the world. Help us spread our machinery to bring quality benefits to you and your customers.

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Bringing Mecmar's technology and brand, which has been appreciated by users since 1958, to your area gives you a great advantage over local farms. Proposing cutting-edge solutions - which allow risk-free storage, increase the value and quality of the grain, and reduce losses - together with knowledge of the local language, opens up many possibilities.

The Mecmar team supports its resellers throughout the entire distribution process: from initial learning to after-sales requests.


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Spare parts always on stock

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Used immediately after harvesting, Mecmar grain dryers quickly reduce the moisture content of the grains, to allow the storage of the cereal in total safety.

Risk-free storage

Mobile grain dryers are turn-key solutions that do not require additional loading, unloading or cooling systems. The machine has everything it takes to complete each phase.

Turn-key systems

Mobile grain dryers can be easily transported from customer to customer or within the same facility, to allow easy layout updates, replacements or movements from one company to another.


Technology tested in the field and appreciated for decades, optimized for a gentle, homogeneous and uniform treatment of the cereal. Years of experience to offer dryers with robust structure and made to last over time.

Field tested

The farmer is free to decide when to market his cereal, regardless of weather conditions, to seize the periods when the market price is more favourable.

Flexibility for the farmer

Mecmar grain dryers, in addition to drying the cereal, perform a good cleaning of the impurities collected on the field, improving the quality of the final product and its commercial value.

Increased value

The purchase of a Mecmar grain dryer requires a relatively limited capital commitment; in addition, the value of the used vehicle remains high over the years, ensuring an excellent return on investment.

Return on investment

The cereal is treated delicately so that it can be used safely for animal feed; the Mecmar roasters eliminate the anti-nutritional and harmful components from the grains.

Benefits of roasting

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