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Ultimate guide to installing grain dryers

Drying is an essential part of the post-harvest process, as it ensures the longevity and quality of grains. Proper installation and good maintenance of dryers can therefore make a big difference in the operational efficiency of your farm.

In simple terms, investing in a dryer means relying on a solution that enhances the quality and profitability of your work, freeing you from having to sell your grains immediately after harvest, possibly at a price that does not satisfy you at all.

In this guide, we will look at some of the main aspects related to the installation of grain dryers, focusing on the most common questions on this topic.

Is installing a Mecmar dryer complex?

At Mecmar, we understand well the financial and operational challenges farmers face today. Consequently, our dryers are designed to minimize installation costs and downtime.

We focus on simplicity and efficiency, ensuring that our machines can always be quickly and easily assembled on-site. This approach not only reduces initial installation expenses but also allows farmers to get their systems up and running with minimal delay.

In particular, one of the key features that sets Mecmar dryers apart is the degree of preassembly before delivery: in fact, mobile versions are delivered 90% preassembled.

This way, the dryers can be operational within 24 hours of delivery, allowing farmers to start drying their grains immediately, avoiding the costly delays often associated with more complex installations.

Mecmar dryers are essentially turnkey systems designed to be ready for use immediately after installation.

What is needed to install a Mecmar grain dryer?

Typically, 2 to 4 mechanics are needed for assembly, 1 electrician for commissioning (which takes a maximum of 48 hours), personal protective equipment, mechanic’s tools, and a crane or forklift with the recommended capacity and size depending on the model.

In the final installation phase, you will need fuel, electrical power (or a tractor), and grain to load into the machine.

How long does it take to install a Mecmar dryer?

One of the great advantages of mobile dryers is undoubtedly the very short installation time compared to fixed plants.

The main factors to consider during transport are:

  • Distance
  • Mode of transport (regular truck, low-bed truck, container…)
  • Dryer size

The CPT model, with small footprints, is shipped 90% preassembled, while the STR, FSN, and D series dryers can be shipped either assembled or disassembled (depending on the available transport space).

Up to 2 direct flame machines can be delivered on a truck or container, optimizing transportation costs and minimizing installation times.

The SSI, S, and F models, on the other hand, are delivered disassembled and require more time to install (3 to 8 days for the F model, starting from the time of delivery).

In any case, installation times – varying from 1 to about 8 days – are still much shorter than the weeks needed for a fixed dryer.

Grain drying after installation: what does it involve?

Grain drying involves reducing the moisture content of harvested grains to a safe level to prevent deterioration and spoilage. The process typically includes several steps:

  • Harvesting. Grains are harvested with a moisture content higher than the safe storage level.
  • Loading into the dryers. Grains are loaded into the dryers (batch or continuous cycle).
  • Drying. Hot air is circulated in the machine to remove moisture from the grains. In Mecmar mobile dryers, a cleaning process of the grain also occurs during drying.
  • Cooling. After drying, grains are cooled to ambient temperature to stop the drying process and stabilize them.
  • Unloading. The dryer is unloaded of the dried grain and possibly cleaned.

Each of these steps is critical to maximizing the shelf life of freshly dried grains. A proper installation of the drying system ensures that each step is performed efficiently and effectively.

Mecmar: tradition and excellence in grain drying

With over 60 years of experience in building grain dryers for customers worldwide, Mecmar has gathered important feedback to make dryer installation smooth and easy under all possible conditions, whether in hot or cold climates.

At Mecmar, we work daily to expand the range and customization options of our dryers. To date, our mobile dryers offer great maneuverability and ease of installation. These units are designed to ensure high performance and maximum mobility, allowing farmers to dry grains directly in the field or in different areas of the farm. Mecmar tower dryers are ideal for large farms or storage centers, offering continuous drying capacity and high capacity.

All Mecmar dryers are designed to maximize airflow and heat distribution within the machine, ensuring uniform crop treatment and unparalleled energy efficiency.


Installation is a critical aspect to ensure the maximum yield of the dryer: expert mechanics can perform such operations to ensure that the machine works optimally for the next 30 or 40 years.

Thus, with Mecmar, you can focus on what you do best: cultivating and harvesting quality grains, leaving the management of dryer installation to a trusted manufacturer.

Proper installation and maintenance of your dryer will bring at least three long-term benefits to your business, including:

  • improved grain quality
  • efficiency in storage and preservation processes
  • increased market value

For more information on the installation of grain dryers, visit our website or contact us. We are always available to help you optimize your grain drying process.


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