In the course of more than forty years of history and experience, Mecmar has built grain dryers and roasters for various customers all over the world. Starting from our agricultural tradition, we follow the path towards innovation to meet the specific needs of each territory and locality. Look at our entire gallery or select the solutions and contents that interest you the most, for a journey through the history of Mecmar in the world.

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Wheat processing: how to secure it after harvest?

It is with a view to generating more profit for your farm that Mecmar builds grain drying systems to reduce the amount of water naturally present i...

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Grain processing: how best to dry ancient grains and special grains?

Do you produce small quantities of ancient grains (ancient maize, buckwheat, ancient wheat) and/or special grains? Are you aware of how crucial it ...

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Seed roaster: what features should it have?

Are you looking for a machine to roast your crop but not sure which model to choose? In this short guide we will explain, point by point, all the a...

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