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Today, Mecmar is a benchmark for the production of mobile and tower dryers and grain roasters, not only in many European countries but also overseas.

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Soybean is a legume cultivated all over the world, but native to East Asia. Used for food purposes, soybean lends itself well for both human and animal nutrition and is also used as a natural fertilizer.


Soybean Dryers And Roasters

The use of soybeans as a feed for livestock is frequent in non-Asian countries, where this legume remains less common in the population’s nutrition. In recent decades, soybeans have assumed great importance for animal nutrition: the use of soybean in animal nutrition is constantly increasing, thanks to its high nutritional value, mainly due to the amino acids that constitute the proteins (whose concentration reaches values ​​between 40 and 50%).

In order to make the soybean storable and prepare it for subsequent processing, it is essential to proceed with its drying. Then, the soybean can be roasted in order to deprive the legume of the anti-nutritional and harmful components. The use of raw seed, with rare exceptions, is not recommended for the presence of anti-nutritional factors (antitrypsin), which make it non-digestible and therefore not assimilable by animals.

For ruminants it has been shown that a toasted soy-based diet leads to a higher assimilation of proteins, making the use of protein supplements unnecessary. Using the toasted soybean, it is also possible to b>reduce the lipid content, with benefits for the reduction of cholesterol. It has also been shown that the introduction of toasted soybeans in animal feed leads to better meat quality.



Mecmar offers various models of soybean roaster for sale, but also mobile dryers and tower dryers for a safe and homogeneous treatment of soybean. Mecmar solutions, designed with higher quality components than the competition, can be customized according to needs and ensure unbeatable yields.

Mobile Dryers
Mobile dryers have been used for a long time and with excellent results for drying soybeans. For soybean is recommended a drying air temperature of around 60 °C. These products are characterized by versatility, given by the possibility of repositioning the machine as needed, easily and quickly. The moisture is gently eliminated, then the seeds are discharged cooled and ready for possible storage.
Tower Dryers
In the case of large quantities of soy to dry, the best choice is a Mecmar tower dryer. Depending on the end use, the drying temperature can be adjusted to obtain the maximum and to avoid any damage to the seeds. The continuous cycle of these dryers allows to optimize the times of the drying process and, at the same time, to reduce the costs related to energy consumption.
Every Mecmar soybean roaster for sale perform a safe and rapid treatment on soybeans, ensuring optimal roasting of the legume. Thanks to these roasters, it is possible to eliminate any element that stops the correct assimilation of the nutritional components. Soy is also made appetizing and useful to make animals healthier and stronger. The roasting process of Mecmar solutions is automated and ensures low energy consumption.
Electric Roasters
Designed especially for the treatment of soy, Mecmar electric roasters are characterized by the ability to ensure an effective and safe roasting process on every single bean. The cereal comes out of the machine perfectly toasted, ready to be used as feed for livestock. Thanks to the totally electric operation, in fact, the grain is deprived of its harmful elements, made more digestible, more fragrant and tastier.



Mecmar grain dryers can also be used for organic crops



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