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Today, Mecmar is a benchmark for the production of mobile and tower dryers and grain roasters, not only in many European countries but also overseas.

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Wheat belongs to the family of Gramineae and represents one of the oldest and most used cereals at global level.


Wheat Dryers And Roasters

There are several species of wheat, intended for different purposes and uses. Usually we hear mostly about durum wheat and soft wheat, varieties used for human nutrition. Durum wheat produces semolina with large granules (mostly used to produce dry pasta, bread and long-life bakery products), while soft wheat produces thinner flours (essential for producing fresh pasta, biscuits, sweets and similar).

Italy is a large producer of wheat, also thanks to the presence of a generally very favorable climate for this crop. But there are many important nations for wheat: among the main producers we can find Russia, the United States, Ukraine and others



Precisely for this high production, every year many tons of wheat must be dried, since drying constitutes a first fundamental phase for the conservation of the cereal. For this purpose, it is necessary to use an efficient wheat dryer machine.

Depending on the type of grain, on the time of harvest the cereal has a humidity rate that can vary between 17 and 30%: for safe drying and to avoid any damage or loss of quality for the grain, Mecmar offers wheat dryer machines (mobile dryers and tower dryers) with proven reliability and efficiency.

Mobile Dryers
For drying small or medium quantities of wheat, Mecmar grain dryers are the ideal solution. Their strength lies in their great versatility, ease of transport and use. Thanks to these mobile dryers, every farmer will be able to give added value to the business, increasing productivity and reducing risks and waste.
Tower Dryers
Optimal to be integrated into storage systems, Mecmar tower dryers, based on continuous cycle operation, allow to dry even very large quantities of wheat. With every Mecmar wheat dryer machine, the cereal is dried and prepared for storage or for subsequent treatments, offering the farm significant benefits relating to flexibility and increased profits.
Mecmar roasters are perfectly suited to the treatment of wheat, with a process that makes the cereal roasted homogeneously and quickly. The innovation behind the Mecmar roasters is evident in the compact design (which facilitates transport and installation) and in the operation, based on high quality components and on the possibility of using different fuels, to meet every need.
Electric Roasters
Thanks to Mecmar electric roasters, it is also possible to effectively treat wheat. Recommended for small or medium needs, these roasters guarantee an impeccable roasting process with low consumption and costs. The cereal is roasted quickly and uniformly, thanks to a system specifically designed to give high performance capable of satisfying various needs.



Mecmar grain dryers can also be used for organic crops



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