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Mecmar mobile grain dryers are designed and manufactured to guarantee excellent results, both with small and with high quantities of cereal to dry.

Mecmar has designed and built its dryers thanks to the skills and the know-how gained over the years: the design is specifically developed to offer maximum efficiency, durability and resistance. Mecmar mobile dryers can be used in all latitudes and climatic conditions (even with external temperatures of -40 °C).

Many farms have relied – and still rely – on Mecmar mobile dryers, thanks to their ease of use, their great flexibility and portability. Moreover, Mecmar dryers are particularly versatile and adaptable to many contexts: for example, they can allow a quick and agile change of company layout.

Choosing to rely on Mecmar mobile grain dryers means having significant benefits: in fact, drying and storing cereals (corn, wheat, rice, barley, rapeseed, soy) can significantly increase the profits of your farm.

Mobile or Tower Dryer?
Mobile or Tower Dryer?

Our series

The wide range of Mecmar mobile cereal dryers will allow you to find the model that can really satisfy your needs: there are the NANO and CPT series, up to 13m3 in capacity; the STR, FSN and D series up to 33 m3 capacity and the SSI, S and F series, up to 97 m3 capacity. Each model is characterized by size, capacity, equipment, in order to adapt to different needs without compromising the high quality of drying.

Discover the model that's right for you.


The NANO series is the synthesis of compactness and technology, closing in itself all the experiences gathered from more than 40 years of evolution of grain dryers and the compactness and flexibility of being able to easily dry anywhere and at any time.

NANO series

model m3/24h ton/24h
NANO 5/40 T 99.8 71.4
NANO 6/47 T2 110 79.2

The CPT series is our most compact series. With a diameter of 2,28m and a limited height these dryers are among the most manageable and easy to use.

CPT series

model m3/24h ton/24h
CPT 7/61 F 146.67 105.6
CPT 10/77 T 180 129.6

The STR series is perfect for drying small amounts of cereal. With their reduced size (2.44m diameter), these dryers are easily transportable from one job site to another.

STR series

model m3/24h ton/24h
STR 9/87 F 203.33 146.4
STR 10/94 F 236.67 170.4
STR 10/99 T 236.67 170.4
STR 13/119 T 286.67 206.4

The FSN series is characterized by a diameter of 2,65m and covers a capacity between 15 and 20m3 of cereal to be dried. Maybe because of its simplicity of use, design robust and balanced dimensions, this series has been for many years one of our most popular series.

FSN series

model m3/24h ton/24h
FSN 12/110 F 283.33 204
FSN 13/127 T 296.67 213.6
FSN 15/138 T 320 230.4
FSN 15/138 T2 320 230.4

This medium-sized series (diameter 3m and capacity from 18 to 32m3) is particularly suitable for a farmer in growth, looking for a dryer which allows to dry interesting amount of cereal keeping the convenience of transportability.

D series

model m3/24h ton/24h
D 14/125 F 303.33 218.4
D 20/147 T2 340 244.8
D 20/153 T 366.67 264
D 20/150 T 373.33 268.8
D 24/175 T2 383.33 276

The SSI series is a concentrate of drying power, sturdiness and ease of use. Its dimensions (3,15m diameter, capacity from 25 to 37m3) make this series ideal for those who have reached an industrial level of drying.

SSI series

model m3/24h ton/24h
SSI 18/158 F 353.33 254.4
SSI 20/174 F 386.67 278.4
SSI 25/203 T2 433.33 312
SSI 25/210 T2 446.67 321.6
SSI 28/230 T2 473.33 340.8

The S series is our series of large (diameter 3,85m and capacities from 42 to 75m3) for those who need medium to large quantities of corn to dry and does not focus on the portability of the dryer.

S series

model m3/24h ton/24h
S 34/255 T 600 432
S 34/263 F 610 439.2
S 35/280 T2 633.33 456
S 40/310 T2 683.33 492
S 40/325 F 696.67 501.6
S 43/340 T2 760 547.2
S 45/370 F 766.67 552
S 55/420 F 796.67 573.6

The F series is our queen. With a diameter of 4.5m and capacity between 73 and 88m3, this series is distinguished by the others for its grandeur, its ease of use and robustness.

F series

model m3/24h ton/24h
F 75/570 1050 756

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