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Direct flame dryers: how they work and why choose them

Whether mobile or tower-based, Mecmar direct flame dryers are optimized to achieve the best drying efficiency for grains. These highly performant devices use fuels such as gas or diesel to produce a uniform and constant heat, crucial for a homogeneous grain treatment.

But how do they specifically work, and what advantages does their use bring? Find out by reading this article!

How do direct flame dryers work?

The core of the direct flame dryer is the cylinder, where a mixing process occurs between high volumes of air and combustion products. Here, large volumes of air pushed at high pressure are heated through the integration of combustion products, typically produced by a diesel or gas-fed burner.

The quality of the resulting air, crucial for effective grain drying, is directly influenced by the quality of the fuel used and the precision with which the burner is calibrated.

Mecmar and the evolution of the direct flame system

Between the late 1970s and early 1980s, dryers were equipped with an external combustion chamber, with the disadvantage of creating many air passages, thus requiring more power from the main fan.

Over the years, Mecmar has made changes and evolved the direct flame solution to design a compact model in which 100% of the heat produced is used for drying.

These elements ensure that the heat generated is optimal for the process, without risking damage to the crop. Temperature and airflow control are two other crucial aspects to ensure optimal results. Mecmar direct flame dryers are indeed equipped with advanced systems to precisely regulate these parameters, allowing uniform processing in line with the specific characteristics of different types of grains.

As mentioned earlier, Mecmar direct flame dryers utilize the combustion of fuels, typically diesel, natural gas, or LPG. This is then introduced into the silos, raising the temperature of the grain and reducing its moisture.

Portable direct flame dryers are therefore ideal for a variety of drying applications, thanks to their ability to maintain maximum energy efficiency. The combustion chamber of these systems is isolated by a cushion of cold air, ensuring that the heat produced is entirely transferred to the grains, without atmospheric dispersion.

Direct flame dryers: benefits of use

Using direct flame dryers not only improves the quality of grain preservation but also increases the efficiency of the production process. The system ensures that 100% of the heat produced by the burner is transferred to the grain without losses or reductions in efficiency, optimizing energy use and preventing unnecessary dispersion.

The compactness of these dryers not only reduces initial purchase costs but also simplifies maintenance, making direct flame dryers an economical choice as well as technologically advanced.

Here are some of the main benefits these machines can bring to your business:

  1. Reduction in drying times. Thanks to their heat-based technology, direct flame dryers significantly reduce the time needed to treat grains, thus increasing productivity.
  2. Preservation of the product’s nutritional properties. Throughout the processing, the heat generated is evenly distributed within the drying cylinder, ensuring homogeneous drying of the grains and simultaneously preserving their quality, aroma, and nutritional values.
  3. Energy efficiency. Direct flame dryers maximize the energy efficiency of the process by making the most of the heat potential. This feature reduces operating costs and minimizes energy waste.
  4. Precise process control. Direct flame dryers are equipped with advanced control systems that allow for precise regulation of temperature and airflow within the drying cylinder. This results in precise outcomes that do not alter the characteristics of the product.
  5. Operational flexibility. The direct flame process can be applied to both mobile and tower dryers. Its ability to adapt to machinery of different sizes and treat various types of grains by reprogramming the processing settings makes it a highly flexible operational solution.

Considering the numerous advantages listed and the ability to deliver reliable and high-quality results, direct flame dryers are the ideal choice for those seeking an effective solution for this type of grain processing.

Are you curious about direct flame dryers? In this video, our expert explains the operation of a solution of this type, installed at one of our clients. Watch it now!

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The Mecmar team is at your disposal to answer any questions and understand with you which direct flame dryer is best suited to your needs. Book a consultation.


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