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Today, Mecmar is a benchmark for the production of mobile and tower dryers and grain roasters, not only in many European countries but also overseas.

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Why Mecmar grain dryers

Flexibility for the farmer

The farmer is free to decide when to market his cereal, regardless of weather conditions, to seize the periods when the market price is more favourable.

Increased value

Mecmar grain dryers, in addition to drying the cereal, perform a good cleaning of the impurities collected on the field, improving the quality of the final product and its commercial value.

Return on investment

The purchase of a Mecmar grain dryer requires a relatively limited capital commitment; in addition, the value of the used vehicle remains high over the years, ensuring an excellent return on investment.

Benefits of roasting

The cereal is treated delicately so that it can be used safely for animal feed; the Mecmar roasters eliminate the anti-nutritional and harmful components from the grains.

Risk-free storage

Used immediately after harvesting, Mecmar grain dryers quickly reduce the moisture content of the grains, to allow the storage of the cereal in total safety.

Turn-key systems

Mobile grain dryers are turn-key solutions that do not require additional loading, unloading or cooling systems. The machine has everything it takes to complete each phase.


Mobile grain dryers can be easily transported from customer to customer or within the same facility, to allow easy layout updates, replacements or movements from one company to another.

Field tested

Technology tested in the field and appreciated for decades, optimized for a gentle, homogeneous and uniform treatment of the cereal. Years of experience to offer dryers with robust structure and made to last over time.



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Ready for delivery

Ready for delivery

To also meet the requests of those who wish to take advantage of used or promotional products, Mecmar offers both machinery and components, always of excellent quality. All the products available are selected and guaranteed for functionality and efficiency. Mecmar, in fact, offers products in the best possible conditions, even used ones, which can meet the needs of many farmers with the advantage of a convenient price.
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Mobile Dryers Excellent results with both small and large quantities of grain to be dried

Mobile Dryers

Designed and manufactured to ensure high production yields, Mecmar's mobile grain dryers meet the needs of small and medium-sized farmers. Their compact but robust design facilitates transport and ensures flexibility and durability. The numerous models on offer differ from each other in size, capacity and equipment to meet all drying requirements.
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Tower Dryers Hourly outputs typically higher than those offered by batch dryers

Tower Dryers

Mecmar tower dryers are the ideal choice for drying large quantities of grain at a time: their continuous cycle operation allows very high daily production yields. Constructed from premium materials and with a special design, they perform gentle drying on the grain and are available in a variety of models.
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Roasters High-quality products to ensure longevity, reliability and excellent performance


Mecmar roasters are able to perform a homogenous treatment on various types of cereals in order to break down the urease values contained in the grains and eliminate the anti-nutritional elements present in them. In this way, they make the cereal better from a nutritional point of view, for a healthier and richer animal diet.
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Electric Roasters Edible seeds without altering their properties

Electric Roasters

Mecmar electric roasters are the result of research and prototypes, created to meet the needs of private individuals with 100% electric operation. The treatment carried out on the grains is always effective, clean and safe: the grains are roasted optimally even without using fuel, becoming tastier and more suitable for a healthy, balanced diet.
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Offers Promotions on spare parts and products ready for delivery


To satisfy the requests of those who want to take advantage of used or discounted products, Mecmar offers both machinery and components, always of excellent quality. All the products are selected: their functionality and efficiency are guaranteed. Mecmar offers products in the best possible conditions, even used, to meet the needs of many farmers with the benefit of an affordable price.
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Special projects Tailored solutions to meet every need

Special projects

Over the years, Mecmar has developed numerous special projects, not only to answer specific market needs, but also to search constantly for innovation and new solutions. With several experiments and tests, Mecmar has developed particular dryers, boilers, engines and much more, to give the best to every reality and try the solutions on the bench before proposing them as range products. Each of these projects has been carried out to achieve constant improvement and superior satisfaction for those who rely on Mecmar.
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Mecmar: Tailor-made solutions for grain processing

Our Company

Mecmar S.p.A. was born more than forty years ago from the family workshop used to repair tractors, in the province of Verona. Today it has become an international leader in the design and manufacture of machines and systems for the treatment of cereals, mainly grain dryers, both mobile and tower, ovens for roasting, cooking and heating, continuous coolers for granular products and special plants.



What type of cereal do you need to process? Select it and discover the ideal product.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Mecmar dryers are generally covered by a 12-month warranty from the delivery date.

Mecmar’s product range includes the following types of products: mobile dryers (with capacities ranging from 7 to 75 tons), tower dry ers for large-scale drying plants, roasters for soy and other cereals, electric roasters for soy and other cereals, cogeneration biological dryers and special systems for drying a wide variety of products.

When considering the purchase of a grain dryer (whether new or used), Mecmar recommends that you do not limit yourself to a comparison of the capacity (in tons) of the various mobile dryer models on the market. In fact, it is also advisable to compare the hourly productivity (ton/h) of the different dryers. Dryers of different brands also have different hourly productivity, even though they have the same capacity at standstill. The hourly productivity, therefore, provides a common parameter for comparing dryers and is also a clear indicator of the machine’s performance during operation.

If a dryer looks good, it is already more likely to have been kept in good service and maintenance condition. In any case, more specific components to check are:

  • Control panel and burner. Check for water seepage, rust, and possible modifications that may have been made on site. Are all the machine components original? Regardless of the age of the dryer, the control panel and burner should always remain in good condition.
  • Center tube and augers. Inspect the center tube along its entire length, looking for areas that may have holes or old repairs. Also inspect the auger coil reinforcements-the thickness indicates how much longer they can last before needing to be replaced.
  • Mechanical transmission components. The best indicator of the condition of the gearbox, which moves the center auger, is the oil in it. Check the belts and that the mixer is aligned correctly.

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