Why Mecmar grain dryers

Used immediately after harvesting, Mecmar grain dryers quickly reduce the moisture content of the grains, to allow the storage of the cereal in total safety.

Risk-free storage

Mobile grain dryers are turn-key solutions that do not require additional loading, unloading or cooling systems. The machine has everything it takes to complete each phase.

Turn-key systems

Mobile grain dryers can be easily transported from customer to customer or within the same facility, to allow easy layout updates, replacements or movements from one company to another.


Technology tested in the field and appreciated for decades, optimized for a gentle, homogeneous and uniform treatment of the cereal. Years of experience to offer dryers with robust structure and made to last over time.

Field tested

The farmer is free to decide when to market his cereal, regardless of weather conditions, to seize the periods when the market price is more favourable.

Flexibility for the farmer

Mecmar grain dryers, in addition to drying the cereal, perform a good cleaning of the impurities collected on the field, improving the quality of the final product and its commercial value.

Increased value

The purchase of a Mecmar grain dryer requires a relatively limited capital commitment; in addition, the value of the used vehicle remains high over the years, ensuring an excellent return on investment.

Return on investment

The cereal is treated delicately so that it can be used safely for animal feed; the Mecmar roasters eliminate the anti-nutritional and harmful components from the grains.

Benefits of roasting

The company

Mecmar S.p.A. was born more than forty years ago from the family workshop used to repair tractors, in the province of Verona. Today it has become an international leader in the design and manufacture of machines and systems for the treatment of cereals, mainly grain dryers, both mobile and tower, ovens for roasting, cooking and heating, continuous coolers for granular products and special plants.

Discover Mecmar

The specialists in grain dryers

mobile dryers

Designed and developed to ensure high production yields, Mecmar mobile grain dryers meet the needs of small and medium-sized agricultural producers. Their compact but robust design facilitates transport and guarantees flexibility and resistance. The numerous models proposed stand out from each other in size, capacity and equipment, to meet every drying need.

tower dryers

Mecmar tower dryers are the perfect choice for drying large quantities of cereal at a time: their continuous cycle operation allows very high daily production yields. Built with top quality materials and with a special design, they perform a gentle drying on the cereal. Tower dryers are available in various models.


Mecmar roasters can perform a homogeneous treatment on various types of cereals, in order to reduce the urease values ​​contained in the grains and eliminate their anti-nutritional elements. This process allows to make the cereal better from the nutritional point of view, for a healthier and richer feeding of the animals.

electric roasters

Mecmar electric roasters are the result of research and prototypes, created to meet the needs of private individuals with 100% e electrical operation. The treatment carried out on the grains is always effective, clean and safe: the grains are roasted in an optimal way even without using fuel, becoming tastier and more suitable for a healthy, balanced diet.

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