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Today, Mecmar is a benchmark for the production of mobile and tower dryers and grain roasters, not only in many European countries but also overseas.

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Tower Dryers

Mecmar tower dryers arise from the long experience accumulated over decades of direct contact with farmers.

After developing mobile dryers for more than twenty years, the first tower dryers were born in 1999, to meet the needs of farmers and drying centers that typically require a higher hourly production than discontinuous dryers can offer. Thanks to a deep knowledge of the sector, over the years Mecmar has managed to specialize in the production and construction of tower grain dryers, aiming day after day for innovation and constant improvement.

As with other products, while maintaining the characteristics of reliability, safety and ease of use as guidelines, Mecmar tower dryers offer numerous benefits to the farms. In fact, the heat recovered from the cereal during the cooling phase allows a considerable reduction in fuel consumption: this means significant economic savings. The presence of a fan inside a wall of product to dry allows to reduce the acoustic impact, acting as a silencer.

After the drying treatment, the cereal is subject to a progressive decrease in temperature to reach the unloading area clean and cooled at room temperature. The extractor at the base, designed and the result of many tests, is the key to a gentle and homogeneous treatment of the cereal, treated within the entire drying column. The control panel allows to manage all mechanical and electrical components, sensors and the gas train, to allow use in manual or fully automatic mode.


Mobile or tower dryer?

Which is more convenient for your company?


Our series

Mecmar has studied and developed three series of tower grain dryers: the RT series, the RM series and the RG series. The RT series includes the most compact dryers, easy to transport and assemble, which guarantees great efficiency and a reduction in time and costs as regards the installation and fielding phases. The RM series, on the other hand, is larger, as well as its working capacity and the speed of the drying process. Lastly, the RG series is the one that ensures the highest daily productivity, with high working capacity and great drying speed.

Discover the model that’s right for you.

RT series

RT series

RT 150/7170408
RT 175/8197465
RT 200/9221504
RT 225/10245552
RT 250/11269600
RT 275/12292648
RM series

RM series

RM 150/9245792
RM 200/11326936
RM 250/134081080
RM 300/164761296
RM 350/195781512
RM 400/216461608
RG series

RG series

RG 400/147142064
RG 500/168162256
RG 600/1810202448
RG 700/2011222688
RG 800/2212242880



Mecmar grain dryer are perfect also for organic crops


How it works

Product flow
Air flow

Tower grain dryers are especially suitable for the treatment of medium-large quantities of cereal per day. The drying process is divided into four distinct phases, to which corresponds a single working configuration of the machine. These phases are those of:

  1. Loading
  2. Drying
  3. Cooling
  4. Discharge

In fact, the product is loaded wet inside the dryer and, after passing through the machine from the top to the bottom, it arrives dried and cooled in the unloading area. Before arriving here, the cereal is also perfectly clean and deprived of any residue, so that it can be stored immediately, without any problems and in total safety.


Care for details

For Mecmar, attention to detail is a fundamental point. For this reason, in addition to paying attention to even the smallest aspect, we offer standard equipment that makes each tower dryer the best solution for any farm. Unlike the competition, Mecmar ensures complete and functional standard equipment.


The internal combustion chamber is equipped with in-line gas burner to provide even and balanced heat that is equally distributed from the chamber to the grains.

Gas train valve
Centrifugal fan
Inspection porthole
Stainless steel
Extractor system
Reverted funnel


Mecmar tower grain dryers are equipped with a special design, specially developed for each machine, which combines with top quality materials: this makes each dryer capable of fitting well into any context and even becoming an added value to the company furniture. The type of fuel can vary according to requirements: can be used diesel, liquid gas or methane. The ventilation system is electrically operated and can be constantly and easily controlled. The BIO line is characterized by dryers equipped with a heat exchanger, for gentle and delicate drying of crops intended for human nutrition.

The choice of the most suitable model is made by relating pre-defined dimensions to the daily production, the type of cereal and the humidity level to dry. In order to reduce plant costs, Mecmar tower dryers are also characterized by the simplicity of transport and assembly: with the RT series, the dryer is completely assembled and tested at the factory to be delivered ready for commissioning. On the other hand, with the RM and RG series the dryers are tested at the factory and then assembled at their destination.

The cereal drops by gravity and, therefore, the only moving elements inside the machine are extractor and fan: this allows to drastically reduce the occurring of mechanical problems. In addition, is guarantee a high homogeneity of drying thanks to appropriate inverters of the internal flow of the cereal wall. This same wall constitutes a perfect noise filter which ensures the significant reduction of noise emissions.



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