Sytems for the drying and roasting of cereals

Mecmar products for drying and roasting cereals have the strength of a company that has been operating in the agricultural sector for decades, working side by side with farmers and farms to create solutions that ensure efficiency and functionality. Mecmar success is given by the continuous search for innovation that characterizes the company, which has led to a leading position in the design and construction of grain dryers - both mobile and tower - and roasters.

Mecmar gives great importance to the confrontation and dialogue with end users, an essential element to be able to take important feedback and ideas for improvement, even in the smallest details. This is what allows us to create products with high performance and quality, for an optimal drying and a perfect roasting.

Mobile dryers

Mecmar mobile grain dryers are the ideal solution to dry both small and large quantities of cereal. Different models and dimensions but same reliability and ease of use: all dryers have a compact design that makes easy installation and transport and high-quality components that guarantee strength and durability over time. With one Mecmar dryer it is possible to optimally dry any type of cereal (for example corn, rice, soybean, rapeseed, etc).

Tower dryers

Mecmar tower dryers are the best choice to dry large quantities of cereal and for those who need to place the dryer inside a storage facility. The drying process is divided into 4 phases - loading, drying, cooling and discharge - which corresponds to a single working configuration of the machine. The cereal enters wet and, after passing through the machine from above to below, comes out dried and cooled. The cereal grains are not damaged by sudden changes in temperature and they reach the unloading area perfectly cleaned and cooled, ready to be stored in complete safety.

Mobile or Tower Dryer?
Mobile or Tower Dryer?


Mecmar grain roasters are born from the passion and the continuous desire to improve that characterizes the company. With these systems it’s possible to treat any type of cereal at high temperatures: the treatment carried out by Mecmar roasters is delicate, homogeneous and in continuous production to ensure maximum yield. According to the needs, the heat can be supplied by oil, LPG, gas burners or by a heat exchanger. Thanks to the recovery of heat from the hot air at the outlet, Mecmar roasters ensure great efficiency with low energy consumption.

Electric Roasters

Mecmar electric cereal roasters represent an alternative but still optimal solution for roasting cereals such as soy, corn, wheat and others. Compact in size and characterized by a totally electric operation, these roasters fully satisfy the needs of small farmers and breeders and also of private individuals who wish to roast their own cereals without relying on third parties. Grains can be inserted in the machine even if not perfectly clean, to be roasted in a uniform way and without damaging their quality and integrity.

Special Projects

Over the years, Mecmar has developed numerous special projects, not only to answer specific market needs, but also to search constantly for innovation and new solutions. With several experiments and tests, Mecmar has developed particular dryers, boilers, engines and much more, to give the best to every reality and try the solutions on the bench before proposing them as range products. Each of these projects has been carried out to achieve constant improvement and superior satisfaction for those who rely on Mecmar.


To satisfy the requests of those who want to take advantage of used or discounted products, Mecmar offers both machinery and components, always of excellent quality. All the products are selected: their functionality and efficiency are guaranteed. Mecmar offers products in the best possible conditions, even used, to meet the needs of many farmers with the benefit of an affordable price.