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Today, Mecmar is a benchmark for the production of mobile and tower dryers and grain roasters, not only in many European countries but also overseas.

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Barley is a cereal whose plant belongs to the family of Gramineae and has the scientific name of Hordeum vulgare.


Barley Dryers And Roasters

Known since ancient times, this plant spread from the Middle East, a land where it was cultivated since the seventh millennium BC. As a crop, barley has no particular needs for its development: it tolerates high temperatures and lack of water, thanks also to a growth cycle shorter than other cereals. It is no coincidence, in fact, that barley grows anywhere in the world, a feature that makes it quite unique.

Barley is characterized by a great ability to adapt to the surrounding environment, managing to change its life cycle according to it. Its cultivation is widespread in Italy and throughout the Mediterranean area, but it does not fail to be present also in the rest of Europe and the world. Barley is used for human and animal nutrition , as well as to produce beer and whiskey. For these purposes, the BIO lines are optimal for a delicacy of treatment and to best preserve all the organoleptic properties of the beans.



In order to be destined for sale or stored, drying barley grain it’s necessary: this is possible in complete safety thanks to Mecmar grain dryers, built to last and to ensure high profitability. Mecmar offers different models of both mobile and tower dryers, with a complete standard equipment and the possibility to customize the machines with different options, to satisfy every drying need. In addition, Mecmar also offers high quality roasters, for a homogeneous and delicate treatment of barley.

Mobile Dryers
Mecmar mobile dryers are the ideal solution for companies that need to dry small or medium quantities of barley. Their discontinuous cycle operation allows the process of drying barley grain, without compromising the quality of the grains. These dryers, compact and with limited dimensions, offer ease of transport and rapid positioning and installation.
Tower Dryers
For the drying of large quantities of barley and for structured farms that need integration within their storage facility, Mecmar tower dryers represent the best solution. Thanks to their structure and design, these dryers guarantee the reduction of fuel use, time and cost savings and high productivity.
Mecmar roasters carry out gentle roasting on barley, in order to make it more nutritious and appetizing for animals; they also allow the sterilization of the beans, to improve the taste without affecting the nutritional properties of the cereal. In response to any request, Mecmar offers the possibility to equip the roasters with various types of burner (gas, oil, LPG) or a heat exchanger, to adapt also to the treatment of organic crops.
Electric Roasters
Mecmar electric roasters are also able to treat barley in an optimal manner: their operation based entirely on electricity, allows to reduce the harmful components of the beans, thus making them more suitable for human or animal nutrition. Operating in a continuous cycle and equipping themselves with innovative components specifically designed to give the best performance, these roasters are able to satisfy various roasting needs.



Mecmar grain dryers can also be used for organic crops



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