Mecmar grain roasters are made with high quality materials and components, to last in the long time and to ensure great reliability and excellent performance.

The strong connection with the Italian agricultural tradition that characterizes Mecmar, combined with the continuous dialogue with users of the company's proposals, contributed and still contribute to the development of efficient and functional solutions, to facilitate the most different roasting needs.

Some examples are the realization of grain roasting fixed and mobile systems both simple and complex, roasters in stainless steel, roasters equipped with heat exchangers.

The compact design of Mecmar grain roasters is specifically designed to ensure that transport and positioning of the machine are not a problem, but an easy and quick operation.

Thanks to Mecmar grain roasters, cereals of various types are treated homogeneously: the roasting process is performed in an optimal way, in order to guarantee numerous benefits. Many cereals and legumes, such as soy, are extremely interesting for animal nutrition thanks to their high biological value of proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals. It is therefore a question of eliminating those anti-nutritional elements that hinder the assimilation of nutritional elements and this is where grain roasters come into play.

With the roasting process, in fact, trypsin inhibitors that interfere with the digestion of proteins are minimized without affecting the contents of fats and vitamins. In addition, bypass proteins are increased. All this makes cereals more appetizing for animals which, eating better, are more likely to grow strong and healthy.

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