Mecmar electric roasters arise from the need to find alternative solutions for roasting cereals – with particular attention to soybeans – to allow individuals to access the benefits of roasting and, therefore, to transfer the benefits of the legumes produced on the farm to human or animal nutrition. Thanks to these roasting solutions, it is possible to reduce the level of urease present in the grains: this leads to a reduction of the anti-nutritional components, leaving intact the nutritional components and fats of the grain. Mecmar electric roasters make the seeds edible without altering their properties.

With the assistance of a nutritionist, you can create highly nutritious feed formulas on your own, using noble products of your own production (for example corn, soybeans, wheat), saving on the purchase of flour and transferring the maximum nutritional elements to your animals. This also allows you to save on the purchase costs of flour and to know the whole cycle and production chain of the cereal used to feed the animals.

Thanks to the 100% electric roasting system, the use of fuels such as diesel, gas or LPG is excluded, for a clean and effective treatment. Starting from the experience and know-how accumulated over years of designing and manufacturing roasters, Mecmar has come to develop electric roasters that are able to perform an excellent roasting treatment on soybeans and other cereals, quickly and efficiently.

The roasting channel is made of stainless steel, while the external coating is made of galvanized steel: high quality materials, selected and processed to ensure resistance and reliability.

Like the rest of the solutions in the range, Mecmar electric roasters always operate a delicate and uniform treatment on cereals. These machines therefore allow you to roast any ripe cereal, with whole grains even if they are not perfectly clean.

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