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Today, Mecmar is a benchmark for the production of mobile and tower dryers and grain roasters, not only in many European countries but also overseas.

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Rice is the most eaten cereal in the world, representing – especially in Eastern cultures – one of the main foods in daily nutrition.


Rice Dryers And Roasters

In Italy, rice production is particularly relevant: its cultivation is mainly concentrated in the regions of Piemonte and Lombardia, but also in Veneto. The kernels of rice, or the fruit of the plant, is called paddy (or raw rice): to make it edible, it is essential to dry the cereal.

After the harvest the rice must be deprived of the humidity contained in the grains. Rice seed requires careful and gentle treatment, to avoid cracking or any damaging to the grain. Others important and determining factors for a good drying of the rice are the temperature of the grain and the exposure time to heat. The temperature of the drying air, in the case of rice, should not exceed 35/38 °C: if this happens, especially for a prolonged period, breakage of the beans could occur, reducing the quality of the cereal.



For safe rice drying, Mecmar offers its mobile and tower dryers. The utilization of a Mecmar paddy dryer allows to reduce drying times, speeding up the cereal drying process and making it suitable for subsequent treatments or storage. Mecmar paddy dryers are distinguished by high quality componentsreliability and durability and they ensure optimal and safe drying of rice. The dryers are equipped with perforated plates with a 1.5 mm hole and with the “rice kit”, consisting of a series of technical measures carefully studied and aimed at optimizing drying. The BIO line also perfectly adapts to the gentle drying of rice for human nutrition.

Mobile Dryers
For the drying of both small and larger quantities of rice, every Mecmar paddy dryer offers high performance, ensuring flexibility and ease of transport. Tipically, rice is harvested with a humidity rate between 18 and 28%. This solution allows to deprive the beans of moisture, without affecting the quality of the rice.
Tower Dryers
For different needs, especially in terms of quantity, Mecmar offers tower dryers. These machines, based on continuous cycle of functioning, allow to speed up the drying process and to reduce costs. Rice is perfectly deprived of moisture without any damage caused by temperature changes. Thanks to appropriate inverters of the flow of the cereal wall the high homogeneity of the treatment is guaranteed.



Mecmar grain dryers can also be used for organic crops



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