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Today, Mecmar is a benchmark for the production of mobile and tower dryers and grain roasters, not only in many European countries but also overseas.

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The great majority of crops, after the harvest, need to be dried. In fact, only thanks to drying it is possible to deprive cereals and legumes of the humidity that they contain, in order to allow the storage for both long and short term. 


Grain Dryers And Roasters

At the moment of harvest, these crops have humidity values ranging from 20 to 30%, depending on the type of cereal. This humidity, in normal environmental conditions, leads to fermentation processes and therefore to product deterioration: in a short time, the cereal will be no longer usable and it will lose its market value.

Through a drying process, the deterioration of the cereal is significantly slowed down, thanks to the elimination of a certain amount of water contained in the grains. To minimize – if not eliminate – the risk of fermentation of the cereal, the humidity value has to be under 14%: this prevents the start of enzymatic activities.

Some examples:


Rapeseed is a small-sized oily cereal that can be easily dried with Mecmar dryers, thanks to external sheets with a 1.5 mm perforation. For the safe storage of rapeseed, we recommend a humidity of 8-10% and an air temperature of 65 °C.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds dry easily compared to many other cereals, as they are large and allow a good passage of air. However, for their drying some precautions are required, because they are lightweight seeds: the drying temperatures are rather low (below 50 °C) due to the oily content of these seeds.


Rich in fiber and gluten-free, sorghum is an ideal cereal for celiac disease. Due to its seasonality, sorghum is rarely dry when harvested and it needs to be brought to humidity levels below 12%, in order to avoid loss of quality. Due to its shape, the sorghum grain offers greater resistance to the air flow and it’s dried at temperatures around 60-65 °C.



In order to better carry out the drying process, without damaging the grains or altering their quality, precise and reliable solutions are necessary. Mecmar grain dryers are the result of years of experience and the direct contact with countless agricultural realities. Both mobile and tower dryers have been designed and constantly improved to be always innovative and allow the drying of all types of cereals and legumes (peas, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, oats, sorghum, rye, millet).


Mecmar also meets the needs of those who need to perform a toasting treatment on their products: Mecmar grain roasters are able to gently and homogeneously toast cereals, to remove germination and any component that hinders the assimilation of the nutritional components of the product.

Mobile Dryers
Mecmar mobile dryers are perfectly suited for the drying of any type of cereal. Depending on the humidity value of the cereal, the drying temperature of the machine can be easily adjusted to obtain optimal results. These types of dryers are particularly recommended to dry small quantities of cereal. Thanks to their small size, they are easy to transport and to reposition when required.
Tower Dryers
Dedicated mainly to farms and drying centers that need a higher daily production yield, Mecmar tower dryers ensure a safe and efficient drying of the cereal. Their continuous cycle operation reduces fuel consumption and increases productivity: the product is dried homogeneously and in total safety.
Mecmar roasters adapt to multiple crops and they can be used not only for roasting but also for the sterilization of cereals, or to remove germination. On cereals such as sorghum, for example, this treatment can also be carried out to improve the aroma and flavor of the beans, which are thus much more appetizing and nutritious for the animals.
Electric Roasters
Designed to meet a wide range of requirements while ensuring low consumption and advantageous running costs, Mecmar electric roasters roast different types of cereals and pulses with excellent results. Their strength, in addition to the system based solely on electricity, without the need to use fuels, lies in the ease of maintenance and their great reliability.



Mecmar grain dryers can also be used for organic crops



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