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Case studies

SSI 28/230 T2 BIO for maize and soya

Customer Small company
Cereals Soya and barley
Need Drying the harvest quickly
Model SSI 28/230 T2
Hourly yield approx. 6 ton/h of dried and cooled maize from 22% to 14%.

The case

A farm in the North East needed to dry its maize and soya crop independently, so as to speed up the process and be independent of the availability of drying centres.

Its own production is about 2,000 tonnes of maize and 2,000 tonnes of soya per season, so it needed a dryer capable of supporting these productions. Furthermore, the fact that the market recognises cereals treated with quality processes as having a higher economic value directs the customer to look for a solution with precise technical characteristics.

Freshly harvested from the field, maize and soya have a moisture content that typically varies between 18% and 25%. The presence of more or less water in the grain depends on two main factors:

  • the degree of ripeness of the grain at the time it is harvested
  • the climatic conditions typical of a specific territory

Mecmar has designed the SSI 28/230 T2 BIO mobile dryer to meet the needs of the facility.

Choosing a BIO mobile dryer: what are the advantages?

Despite the fact that maize is one of the cereal types that best adapts to the surrounding climate, attention must be paid to a few decisive aspects during the drying phase in order to ensure homogenous and uniform processing.

First and foremost, it is essential to dry the grain within a few days of harvesting. In order to prevent the grain from losing quality – and therefore value – the water and moisture naturally present in the barley at the time it is harvested must be reduced. This prevents the spread of mould and bacteria, which, in the worst case, would render the product unusable and unmarketable.

In addition to totally excluding this risk, Mecmar’s mobile dryers – the SSI 28/230 T2 BIO model is an example of this – are able to clean and dry the cereal crop in a single machine.

As a result, maize processing times are significantly reduced while still guaranteeing maximum efficiency. As mentioned earlier – even though maize is the cereal that best adapts to the territory in which it grows – it is still necessary to choose a solution that is able to guarantee a drying process that preserves all the nutrients in the grain.

The solution adopted

Having understood the company’s needs in terms of productivity and size, it was decided to install the SSI 28/230 TB BIO mobile dryer with the following characteristics

  • capacity of 28 tonnes of maize per cycle
  • BIO version with heat exchanger to guarantee a drying process with 100% clean air
  • tractor-driven for flexibility of use in any space, independent of power supply
  • the dryer can be transported anywhere and at any time, depending on the customer’s needs

The Mecmar mobile dryer combinesrobustness, power and compactness in a single system. In addition, the presence of the heat exchanger ensures that the barley is dried without it coming into contact with the products of combustion. The dried grain can thus be used for both animal and human consumption.

Much appreciated by the customer, the possibility provided by the Mecmar SSI 28 system of drying large quantities of grain without depriving itself of a solution that can be conveniently transported thanks to the presence of oversized wheels. The air flow circulating inside the plant – chosen according to the type of cereal to be treated – will therefore guarantee optimal, homogeneous and uniform drying of the same.

Watch the video above to see the assembly and installation phase of this machine!

Published data refer to corn and are calculated with mathematical models that use clean and ripe products and in normal operating conditions with 120°C drying air temperature and one hour cool-down time. Please do not hesitate to contact the nearest Mecmar dealer for more information.

Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications provided without prior notice.


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