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Today, Mecmar is a benchmark for the production of mobile and tower dryers and grain roasters, not only in many European countries but also overseas.

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Bio dryers

Mecmar designed a bio line, thanks to the development of an innovative heat exchanger, a quality solution for drying organic crops.

The Mecmar team studied numerous prototypes, carried out field tests and elaborated the design of this heat exchanger in order to guarantee unbeatable yields, as well as long-term safety and reliability.

The Mecmar heat exchanger can be applied to both mobile dryers and tower dryers. Thanks to this special equipment, only clean air is used to dry the grains, while the combustion products are conveyed into the atmosphere without coming into contact with the crop.

The product obtained is a homogeneous cereal, cleaned of external impurities and dried in accordance with the criteria of organic production. The Mecmar heat exchanger differs from the current market offer for the high heat exchange surfaces in contact with clean air, which allow to perform a very high heat transfer while maintaining a regular fuel consumption.

Mobile dryers


Tower dryers

Mecmar heat exchangers, with air-air tube bundle, ensure high efficiency

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