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Case studies

SSI 28/230 T2 per corn

Customer Small - medium farm
Cereals Corn
Need Reduce grain processing time and avoid issues related to toxins and diseases
Model SSI 28/230 T2
Hourly yield Approx. 150 tons of corn per day

The case

Located in the fertile Veneto valley, a farm has been working for years on optimizing the quality and productivity of its crop. Having already tested the durability and performance of a Mecmar dryer for more than 20 years, the client was faced with the need for a technological upgrade to further increase production, reduce grain treatment time, and effectively address toxin and disease issues, particularly in feed corn.

The necessity

The customer is looking for a dryer that would allow him:

  • To dry ca 150 tons of corn per day (product dried and cooled 20 to 13%)
  • To use a machine that is simple in maintenance and has high durability
  • A team close by and always ready to assist

Because a quality dryer not only ensures effective and uniform processing, but also reduces the risk of crop damage. This combination of durability and quality makes the SSI 28/230 T2 model the best choice for the Veneto-based company.

The solution

In response to the needs expressed by the customer, Mecmar proposed its mobile model SSI 28/230 T2, an advanced and reliable solution in the field of grain drying. The model, not only adequately replaces its predecessor with its more than two decades of faithful service, but also raises the standards of efficiency and power.

With an increased capacity from 250 to 280 quintals, the SSI 28/230 T2 enables the SSI 28/230 T2 to achieve the production required by the customer so that they can easily dry their crop for the next few years and increase production in subsequent years.

This increase in capacity is not just a number on paper-it translates into the ability to dry large volumes of crop as well as a tangible increase in production.

Drying speed is another strength of the solution. Its efficiency in reducing treatment time is particularly beneficial in humid weather conditions: this reduces the risk of product spoilage and improves the operational efficiency of the farm.

Regarding the durability and ease of maintenance, the chosen dryer has a much reinforced frame compared to the lower series models, a 1000-liter tank, and tractor drive. In this way, the dryer is purely mechanical and easy to maintain. The mod. Riello RL100 diesel burner is synonymous with great reliability: it is the ideal companion for the dryer to do its job at its best.

Also decisive for the choice of the SSI 28/230 T2 is the reduction in the time between threshing and drying: a crucial factor, especially in periods of intensive harvesting, where every moment gained can mean greater productivity and lower risks of crop degradation.

Mecmar’s team, with its years of experience and consultative approach, played a key role in guiding the farm toward the most suitable choice for its specific needs. Mecmar’s expert advice proved invaluable, demonstrating a deep understanding of the unique challenges the farm faced and providing tailored solutions.

Let’s also not forget that durability is especially important in an industry like agriculture, where the equipment must withstand intense and variable working conditions. In fact, a crucial aspect in choosing a dryer is precisely its ability to stand the test of time, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Customer feedback has been extremely positive. The trust placed in Mecmar, based on previous experience of more than two decades, has been fully confirmed. Thus it is crucial for Mecmar to maintain a close relationship with these customers who have followed product developments and contribute their advice and prompt assistance to improve products for themselves and other colleagues. The new dryer has not only met expectations but exceeded them, offering a solution that combines power, efficiency and reliability.

Published data refer to corn and are calculated with mathematical models that use clean and ripe products and in normal operating conditions with 120°C drying air temperature and one hour cool-down time. Please do not hesitate to contact the nearest Mecmar dealer for more information.

Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications provided without prior notice.


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