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Drying wheat tips: maximize the quality of your crop with Mecmar

With proper wheat drying, your farm will be able to effectively remove excess water in the grain to ensure good preservation and storage. You will then be able to resell your crop when it has reached the commercial value you see fit.

But how best to carry out wheat drying? Mecmar has prepared this article to provide you with tips and advice on how best to carry out this procedure. Follow along as you read it!

Here are some tips for smooth wheat drying

Each year, wheat records high yields: in fact, precision farming techniques make it possible to increase its volumes. However, only proper drying makes it possible to maintain the maximum amount produced in the long term.

With this in mind, let’s therefore see some simple tips that you too can follow to ensure quality grain products.

For proper wheat drying we recommend:

  • Choose the right drying temperature and optimal airflow. In order for grain drying to be carried out at its best and for the process not to alter the nutritional and germinative factors of the grain, it is essential to set an appropriate temperature. In addition, it is good to determine an airflow that allows the water in the grains to escape gently and thus ensure that the grains are dried more than evenly.
  • Dry only wheat that has already reached a good level of ripeness at the time of harvest. It is good if the grain introduced into the agricultural dryer is ripe. Otherwise, in fact, the drying process would take too long and become excessively expensive. To be sure that your crop has reached the right level of ripeness (thus dryness) there are several techniques, particularly analysis of the plant, grain size, color and texture.
  • Prefer a dryer that can clean and dry the grain at the same time. As is normal, immediately after harvesting the grain is impure. The grain therefore needs to be untied of these dirt residues, so as to avoid excessively long drying times and consequent loss of energy. For this reason, Mecmar thought of designing machines intended to carry out both processes, both cleaning and drying of the grain.

Why choose a Mecmar solution for wheat drying?

The benefits of adopting such a solution can be summarized in three brief points:

  • Lower losses
  • Reduced work time
  • More profits for the company

In just a few hours and completely autonomously (the operator merely supervises the work of the machine), Mecmar plants dry any type of grain. This promotes optimal storage and subsequent preservation of grain.

Industrial grain dryers make it possible to reduce the risk of product spoilage due to the formation of aflatoxins or sprouting. Grain that undergoes such alterations should in fact be discarded, causing a major loss to the farm.

Instead, investing in the purchase of a Mecmar dryer will enable you to ensure a product that is properly stored and at the peak of its commercial value. Here, then, will also benefit your company’s overall revenues.

Always derive maximum value from the sale of your harvest with Mecmar solutions: for every reality-whether more or less structured-we have the right dryer. Appreciated for their ease of use, durability and because they are made of quality materials, our mobile dryers also respond excellently to your needs.


In this article we looked at some tips on how to best perform wheat drying. The correct temperature of the dryer and optimal diffused airflow are the first two aspects to evaluate to ensure an effective drying process. Also playing an important role are the moisture level of the wheat entering the dryer and whether the dryer can be cleaned before drying.

Optimizing both processes is possible by deciding to invest in the purchase of a Mecmar mobile dryer. This is the ideal solution for those who want to process different types of grain with a system that requires little maintenance and minimal installation time.

Do you have more questions regarding what is involved in grain drying? Do you want to know in detail how our machines work? Do not hesitate to contact us: the Mecmar team is at your complete disposal to answer all your curiosities.


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