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Industrial grain dryer: 3 benefits that you should know




Drying is an indispensable process in order to store and market numerous crops for food use, such as cereals and legumes. Over the centuries, this process has been carried out in different ways and with both simple and technologically advanced tools. Nowadays, large farms and drying centres, which have particularly high drying needs, can safely rely on an industrial grain dryer. This system is able to fully satisfy even the most demanding requests and it offers various benefits. In this article, Mecmar talks to you about the industrial grain dryer and the 3 main benefits it can guarantee.

What is an industrial dryer and how it works?

The industrial grain dryer is a system that allows the quick and safe drying of many types of cereals and legumes. The most innovative industrial dryers are multi-crop solutions, which allow you to treat different types of crops: from rice to soybeans, from wheat to corn, from peas to barley and so on. Its use is essential for industrial level agricultural activities: the drying of cereals is necessary to avoid the decomposition and the onset of mold and aflatoxins, which can lead to the loss of the product.

The drying cycle is divided into 4 consecutive phases: loading, drying, cooling and unloading. These phases can be carried out simultaneously within the same machine; with a discontinuous cycle dryer these phases are carried out in different configurations of the same machine (as is the case with mobile grain dryers).

Generally, on the other hand, continuous cycle dryers (i.e. tower dryers) are better suited to high production and fit into a system where elevators and storage silos are set up.

The discontinuous cycle dryer offers the advantage of integrating the loading, drying and unloading system within the same machine; in this way, it manages to be easier to use and drying is managed by batches sized according to the capacity of the model.

An increasing number of drying centres – of medium-large size – are being equipped with discontinuous cycle dryers to manage small batches to be dried for individual customers, so as not to necessarily have to interrupt a continuous drying cycle for the need to dry a small batch of another type of cereal.

During the drying cycle, the cereal grains are dried and cooled to room temperature, but also cleaned and prepared for storage.

How to choose the right type of dryer

The use of an industrial grain dryer is indicated for more structured companies that need to dry large quantities of product. Small farms and farmers may prefer mobile grain dryers, but large storage and drying centres cannot find the right solution in these machines.

The choice of a tower dryer becomes mandatory in these cases: on an industrial level there’s no other solution that can ensure the same yield and productivity.

The 3 main benefits

Companies and centres that decide to invest in an industrial grain dryer bring great advantages to their business. Three are the most significant benefits that can be drawn from the use of these solutions:

  1. Time reduction;
  2. Reduction of losses and waste;
  3. Increase in value and profits.

First, industrial dryers allow to significantly reduce the time required for drying the cereal. In many countries of the world we still find the traditional method of drying the beans in the sun; however, this method takes a long time (weeks, if not whole months) and doesn’t allow full control of the process, which can easily be compromised by weather conditions or other external agents. With a tower or discontinuous dryer, on the other hand, the drying process is completed safely in a few hours and the cereal can then be stored and stored even for long periods.

For this same reason, the use of an industrial grain dryer also allows to reduce product waste and consequently the resulting economic losses. With these solutions, the risk of germination or deterioration of the cereal is eliminated and the product can be stored for subsequent use. In this way there is no risk of wasting the harvest and having to face huge economic losses. Drying the cereal is the best form of insurance on maintaining the value of the cereal itself.

It’s clear that these solutions allow you to maximize your profits: eliminated waste and reduced time translate into the possibility of selling your product in the most favourable moments in the market, to get the greatest possible value from the sale.


An industrial grain dryer is a system that allows quick and optimal drying of any type of cereal and legume. Ideal solution for large farms, drying and storage centres, an industrial dryer allows to obtain 3 important benefits: a reduction in the time required for drying, a reduction of product waste and consequent economic losses and a maximization of profits.

Mecmar has decades of experience in the design of industrial grain dryers, simple to use and of the highest quality. If you want to find the solution that is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us: our experts will be at your disposal for any information and question.£$Download the calculator

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