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Case studies

FSN 15/138T for rapeseed and soybean

Customer Cooperative
Cereals Rapeseed and soybean
Need Safely store dried products and anticipate the second harvest
Model FSN 15/138 T
Hourly yield approx. 45 t/day rapeseed, approx. 60 t/day soya

The case

An agricultural cooperative located in Poland has a need to dry rapeseed with the goal of reducing the moisture content of the crop to a level that allows optimal storage, speeding up the harvesting and storage time so that the next crop can be grown earlier. To be considered safe, the rapeseed crop should in fact reach a level of a moisture content of around 8-10%.

For this, it was decided to opt for the Mecmar mobile dryer in the FSN 15/138T model: the ideal equipment for processing small oilseed grains such as rapeseed, thanks to the sheet metal with perforation equal to 1.5 mm. This will prevent the appearance of mold and the occurrence of aflottoxins that would compromise its quality.

Being an oily seed, rapeseed requires a lot of care during its drying. The oil inside the grain has a fair level of flammability, so it needs appropriate attention. These are aspects that Mecmar has developed and consolidated over time to ensure you can safely dry this and other grains using the same machine.

In addition to this, it is crucial to emphasize the fact that the cooling of the rapeseed should take place as soon as the drying process is finished, so as to prevent the condensation effect once the end of drying is reached (this effect generates an increase in humidity).

This last aspect also confirms the decision to rely on a Mecmar solution that is part of the range of mobile dryers. These systems, in fact, make it possible to dry and cool the crop within the same machine, thus minimizing the time interval between the two phases.

Much appreciated by the customer is the aspiration system that allows the grain (rapeseed or soybean) to be cleaned during drying. A clean cereal is indeed more fragrant, has a higher commercial value and keeps better.

The solution

Therefore, the Mecmar FSN 15/138T mobile dryer is the equipment most in line with the special needs expressed by the client. Specifically, with reference to the dryer, the client appreciated the possibility of accelerating the harvesting period, so as to prevent often adverse weather conditions from reducing the value of harvested grain.

In this way, properly dried rapeseed is best preserved, and any farmer can sell it, confident that the product meets all the quality parameters expected for its trade. As promised, the machine effectively performs the functions of drying and cooling and is also easy to operate.

The chosen configuration is of the Dual Drive type, direct-fired and diesel-fueled, to ensure maximum flexibility and output at all times. A Dual Drive dryer can in fact be driven either by tractor (typically 60 hp) or by electric power supply with approx. 30 kW of electric power.

This drive mode is recommended for all those who do not have h24 electricity but, depending on circumstance and availability, prefer to opt with one ignition over another.

Diesel fuel is then readily available and makes it possible to be ready for drying at any time. Finally, the compactness of the FSN15 machine allows medium outputs of dried product for a minimal plant footprint on the farm.

Also worth highlighting is the possibility of transporting the mobile dryer according to the needs of the season and the company that invested in its purchase. The wide wheels with which the plant is equipped allow the machinery to be positioned at will in the surrounding environment. This is the ideal solution for all those small and medium-sized businesses that, especially at the time the machine arrives on the farm, have not yet defined its placement.

Should the agricultural cooperative expand its activities in the future, it can still decide to resell this dryer and purchase an even better performing, larger one. All these features, combined with Mecmar’s quality, which is synonymous with reliability and durability over time, meet the customer’s needs 100%.

Published data refer to corn and are calculated with mathematical models that use clean and ripe products and in normal operating conditions with 120°C drying air temperature and one hour cool-down time. Please do not hesitate to contact the nearest Mecmar dealer for more information.

Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications provided without prior notice.


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