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Case studies

Mobile dryer CPT 10/77 T for corn

Customer Medium-sized company
Cereals Corn
Need Double the amount of dried corn daily
Model CPT 10/77 T
Hourly yield 2.5 t/h of corn with 25% to 14% moisture content

The case

A medium-sized African company located in central Africa, which already had a Mecmar drying system, manages about 1000Ha of land for maize cultivation. In fact, before the arrival of the CPT 10/77 model, the company was using the NANO 6/47 T2 dryer. With the aim of doubling the amount of maize dried in one day, the company opted for a mobile dryer from the CPT series: the CPT 10/77 T.

Thanks to the CPT10 dryer, the company is now able to dry and cool around 22.5 tonnes of grain in just 5 hours, which greatly reduces the time spent drying and cooling the corn.

Following the drying phase, the customer confirmed that the moisture level of the maize had dropped by 6 percentage points, from 19% to 13%. This reduction avoids the occurrence of aflatoxins and moulds, thus ensuring optimum preservation of the dried product and a higher profit after the sale of the grain.

In fact, at the time of harvesting, the humidity of the maize is 18-19% and after drying, it is brought down to 13% to make it more suitable for storage, without risk. In this way, the humidity reaches a level where maximum safety is guaranteed.

Why is it important to dry corn?

Correctly cleaned and dried corn can be stored for several months in a controlled humidity and ventilation environment. The drying phase is therefore fundamental because not only does it allow the quality of the harvested grain to be maintained, but it also makes it possible to eliminate the risk of mycotoxins, aflatoxins and fungi compromising the correct storage of maize for long periods of time. Drying your corn will enable you to:

  • align the way your farm operates with the main safety standards in terms of grain storage;
  • help your farm increase profits from the sale of the dried crop.

If the processed product is intended for storage and sale, the temperature of the drying air can vary between 90 and 120 °C. If the corn is from seed, the temperature should not exceed 55 °C. In this way you can dry all your corn kernels evenly and uniformly.

Top quality components, solid design and durability guaranteed by the most innovative technology that has always distinguished Mecmar mobile dryers are the features most appreciated by our customers.

The solution

Like the NANO 6/47 T2 model, the CPT 10/77 T mobile dryer is designed to be compact and efficient. However, these features are complemented by a double drying power, recognisable from the dimensions and components adopted. It is therefore the ideal solution for small and medium-sized farms that need to reduce drying times, consumption and costs.

The mobile dryer is equipped with wheels for easy and practical handling. The width of 2.28m makes it easy to move and the discontinuous cycle operation makes it the perfect system for drying small and medium quantities of corn, but also a convenient solution for those who need to process different types of grain at the same time.

In particular, the client company has noticed a number of advantages from the very first use that make it satisfied with its investment:

  • time taken to fill the dryer is 13 minutes;
  • time taken to dry and cool the corn from 19% to 13% less than one hour;
  • daily production: the CPT 10/77 T mobile plant operates 5 hours a day and is able to dry 22.5 tonnes of maize;
  • the dust extraction system with cyclone ensures high cleanliness of the corn. The dust produced during drying does not disperse into the surrounding environment, thus keeping the working area around the dryer cleaner;
  • the CPT 10/77 T’s standard hopper allows it to be easily loaded directly from the combine, by pouring from bags or drawing from a pile;
  • the dryer is DUAL drive, i.e. the customer can use it tractor-operated, which makes it transportable and usable anywhere, or it can power the machine with electric energy (typ. 22kW) and thus free up the use of the tractor for other purposes.

Published data refer to corn and are calculated with mathematical models that use clean and ripe products and in normal operating conditions with 120°C drying air temperature and one hour cool-down time. Please do not hesitate to contact the nearest Mecmar dealer for more information.

Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications provided without prior notice.


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