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Mechanical grain dryer: get ready for fielding with Mecmar!

Used to remove excess moisture from the crop, a mechanical grain dryer needs careful inspection before being put back into operation after a long rest period. While it is true that mechanization of agriculture allows for the improvement of dried grain yields, it is also true that for this to be effective, more technical operation and maintenance skills are needed than for traditional open-air drying methods.

Therefore, it is essential to take good care of the dryer, keeping all moving components clean and lubricated, thus ensuring optimal operation of the system. By properly preparing for the fielding of your mechanical grain dryer, you will ensure truly efficient grain processing, but not only that. The health of the machine will also benefit: taking care of all its parts means preserving its proper functioning in the long run. You will then be able to use your mechanical grain dryer for many, many years, knowing that you have at your disposal a durable, high-performance system.

Want to know what aspects to pay most attention to when fielding a mechanical grain dryer? Mecmar tells you inside this article, through 4 simple but practical tips.

1. Improve the quality of your crop by using a clean mechanical grain dryer

The cleaner the equipment you use to dry the wet grain, the easier, faster, and more optimal it will be treated inside the machine. Following a shutdown period, always check that no grain residue is left over from the last drying period.

Keeping your mechanical grain dryer clean will prevent any residual grain blocks from impairing the drying process, which, under normal conditions, is instead easy and smooth. In addition, you will prevent organic products from staying inside the dryer, which could mutate, eventually rusting the walls of the machine.

In addition to proper and recommended cleaning of all diesel filters, you can follow the suggestions below to achieve optimal combustion:

  • dryer cleaning should always be performed when the system is turned off, cooled down, and disconnected from all sources of electrical and/or mechanical power;
  • do not clean electrical components with pressure cleaning systems;
  • do not use water to wash the dryer as electrical and electronic parts mounted on the dryer may be damaged;
  • follow the cleaning procedures outlined in the operation and maintenance manual.

2. Reduce the maintenance costs of your mechanical grain dryer through proper bearing lubrication

Bearing greasing is a key part of grain dryer maintenance. Given that this machine works intensively at certain times of the year (related to harvesting), in extremely humid spaces, it is important to lubricate the bearings so as to avoid premature wear and tear.

For this reason, Mecmar has centralized the greasing location in order to be able to easily grease all bearings from a single point, thus reminding the operator to do it frequently.

Greasing the bearings of your agricultural dryer will allow you to:

  • save on the maintenance of the machinery, in favor of reducing the cost of maintaining it;
  • minimize dryer downtime due to non- or inadequate lubrication of its components;
  • extend the service life of the bearings, which, if greased periodically (but without overdoing it) perform their function excellently for several years.

It is good practice, every 100 working days, to check the level of lubricating oil in the gear boxes. To refill the agitator reduction assembly, it is necessary to remove the breather plug and introduce the appropriate lubricating oil according to the specifications given in the operation and maintenance manual.

3. Work safely with an electrical panel that works perfectly

The electrical panel of a dryer represents the control center of your mechanical grain dryer. Through this you can manage the working cycle of the plant and control the on/off controls of the plant. Before proceeding to turn the machine on, therefore, carefully check that all electrical cables are intact and tightly tied together.

The same goes for the burner – the heart of any mechanical grain dryer – which allows you to regulate the temperature circulating inside it. In this regard, before you start drying your crop:

  • remove the lid and make sure that all electrical wires are firm and undamaged;
  • check that the photocell is clean and follow the instructions in the burner’s operation and maintenance manual.

In addition, a flame start-up test is recommended before using the dryer. In fact, without an even flame, quality crop drying would not be possible.

4. Optimizes each stage of drying by checking that augers and gear boxes are not worn or jammed

To ensure that your mechanical grain dryer runs smoothly, always at peak performance, make sure that the thickness of the augers is suitable before operating it. All Mecmar augers are reinforced along the edge to increase their wear resistance-this ensures a long life for these components. How to tell if the time has come to replace them? Look at the outer edge, if this is as sharp as a knife blade, replacement may be necessary.

Given the significant investment incurred in the purchase of a dryer, it is essential to pay close attention to all the aspects just reviewed so as to keep the value of the equipment high. In fact, should you decide to resell it in the future, you will always be able to count on a machine that works excellently and technology that, over the years, has proven to be synonymous with reliability.

In conclusion

Store your crop safely until you are ready to sell it with Mecmar grain dryers! Mobile and tower mechanical grain dryers: solutions that guarantee you smooth and efficient grain processing. Make your farm more independent with fully functional facilities, even after a long period of inactivity.

Contact the Mecmar team now: together we will choose the mechanical grain dryer most in line with the needs of your reality.



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