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New Cob Dryer CD30




The constant search for innovation, in Mecmar, starts from the dialogue with farmers, listening to their needs. It is precisely from one of these that the CD30 static cob dryer was born, designed specifically for drying corn cobs.

The drying of corn cobs is a different drying than that of corn in kernels, usually harvested in this way with combine-harvesters. By drying the corn on the cob, the germ of the grain remains attached to the cob and, therefore, it remains protected throughout the drying process. This allows, for example, to maintain a high level of germination of the dried grains.

Drying corn cobs usually takes longer than drying the kernels using continuous cycle or recirculation methods, as the cob is also dried and part of the drying energy is used to dry it.

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With the CD30 cob dryer, corn drying takes place without the need to shell the individual grains, speeding up the treatment to reduce the moisture content of the grains immediately after harvesting and thus avoiding the formation of mold and aflatoxins, which can compromise the quality of the cereal or even lead to huge losses.

The CD30 has a capacity of 28 m3, has a solid and robust design and is built with particularly resistant materials, which make the machine reliable and long-lasting. At the same time, in the design of this new solution there was no lack of attention to ease of assembly (possible thanks to the division of the system into only two parts, for quick and practical assembly) and use, always guaranteed with every Mecmar product.

The presence of a heat exchanger allows you to use only clean, hot air for drying, so that the products of combustion used to heat the drying air do not come into contact with the product to be dried. Drying with this type of dryer can be advantageous if there are no mechanized collection systems but would allow small communities to have the advantages of drying.

Simple to use, the collected cobs are loaded inside the box and the hot air ventilation system is switched on. Depending on the humidity of the harvested corn and the drying temperature, a dryer can be loaded in a variable time typically from 1 to 3 days.

But the advantages deriving from the use of the CD30 dryer are also many others:

  • Better food nutrition
  • Greater rural development
  • More support for farmers
  • Lower economic risk
  • Less losses due to humidity of post-harvest cereals
  • Greater flexibility for the farmer

The CD30 system is also equipped with small wheels, to allow the transport and repositioning of the dryer within the farm, when necessary. The operation of this dryer is based on a forced air generator equipped with an air-to-air exchanger, which allows all combustion by-products to be expelled outside, avoiding contact with the cobs to be dried.

The realization of this special project was possible thanks to the Mecmar experience, accumulated over years and years of activity in close contact with farmers. The CD30 cob dryer thus joins the wide range of grain drying systems.

If you want to find out which of the many grain dryers could best suit your needs, do not hesitate to contact us: the Mecmar team is at your disposal!

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