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Increase your profits with grain dryer efficiency: discover how




To store and preserve all types of cereals in the best possible way, it is essential to go through a correct drying phase. Each farm has specific production to satisfy. In order to market a high-quality product, it is important to dry the cereals through the use of high-performance and top-quality machines.

To find out how to increase your profits with the grain dryer effiency by Mecmar, continue reading this short guide, which will help you identify the system that best suits the needs of your business.

What characteristics to take into consideration for an informed choice?

The last stages of processing the harvested product before sale or storage are essential for its commercial enhancement. We all know that a clean, freshly harvested and well dried cereal has a much higher commercial value than one that is sold dirty, wet or, worse, with toxins.

To make the most of the harvested product, a high performance grain dryer is essential, especially if capable of drying cereals of different types. The main features to look for are the efficiency, durability and strength of the machine. To increase the profits of your business – whatever type of cereal crop you specialize in – consider the following aspects when deciding which dryer to opt for.

A dryer capable of carrying out an optimal cleaning of the cereal allows you to make good profits right away. Furthermore, if the dryer is built to last over time, the profits will be higher and the management and maintenance costs will be lower.

A grain dryer is characterized by an operating cycle that includes four different steps:

  1. Loading. The cereal (corn, soy, wheat, oats, barley, ...) is loaded into the machine.
  2. Drying. The actual drying phase begins. Through the evaporation process, the water comes out of the grain to allow the latter not to deteriorate in the medium-long term.
  3. Cooling. The amount of time spent cooling the cereal is just as important as the drying phase. To optimally preserve the product, it is essential to consider the cooling times and methods, which vary according to the temperature diffused in the system at the time of drying. If the cereal is not cooled well, there is a risk of invalidating the drying work done so far.
  4. Discharge. Finally, we have the unloading of the cereals: these are ready to be stored in the special deposits arranged for their conservation.

When the cereal reaches the drying plant, it typically has a moisture level that can vary from 18 to 25%. Through a constant flow of hot air, the water is removed first only on the surface, and then reaches the moisture inside the grain, which is more difficult to remove.

A perfect balance between the air flow present in the system, the relative temperature and the quantity of cereals on which to act allows to obtain the best drying performance. In this way, all the grain placed in the plant and subjected to a processing process can be dried evenly.

Identifying the balance between drying speed and temperature allows, in addition, to minimize energy consumption, without giving up a processing that places the utmost care in treating the grain to dry.

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Mecmar dryers: a tailor-made solution for every drying need

In order to obtain perfectly dried cereals, quickly, and to guarantee a constant operation of the machinery, to dry considerable quantities of cereals (even many tons in a single day), you should consider relying on expert partners able to satisfy every production requirement.

For more than 40 years, Mecmar has been offering on the market tower dryers and mobile grain dryers optimized for each farm, which allow an increase in the profits.

In particular, there are numerous businesses that appreciate the ease of use of Mecmar mobile dryers. The dryers made in Italy are used all over the world because they have been developed to be comfortable and intuitive for any user. Some examples:

  • 90% of maintenance takes place from the ground
  • all the bearings present in various points of the machine are greased from a single point, for simplicity of lubrication
  • safe mechanical connections and protection of moving parts (belts, pulleys, cardan shafts ...)
  • high reliability and contrast electronic displays: they resist signal disturbances and allow clear viewing even outdoors in conditions of high brightness.

Each component of the system is made with high quality materials: in this way it is possible to dry any type of cereal even in situations of extreme humidity.

Mecmar tower dryers guarantee reliability and durability over time, thanks to hot-dip galvanized details and stainless steel sheets.

The extractor placed at the base of the plant, the real beating heart of the machine, receives the grain and, through constant mixing of the same, allows uniform and gentle drying.

In addition, the control panel located outside the dryer ensures simple and safe manual or automatic management of the electrical components.

In conclusion

There are numerous solutions on the market for drying cereals, but only some machines are able to combine a reduction in operating costs with top quality materials, capable of offering efficient and customized dryers according to needs.

Mecmar has always worked to guarantee every activity the possibility of using reliable and long-lasting dryers. To find out which drying system is best for you and how this can increase your company's profits, do not hesitate to contact us: our team will be happy to answer all your questions.

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