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New electric roaster TX2

Finding increasingly innovative solutions that can respond to the most varied needs is what Mecmar aims to do, day after day. This is why the latest innovation in the Mecmar range also introduces a new line of products: electric roasters.

Mecmar electric roasters have been designed for roasting soybeans and other types of cereals, representing a solution that can perfectly adapt to the needs of small farmers and breeders and private individuals.

The key words conceived in the design phase were high efficiency, reduced consumption (and therefore low costs of use) and high quality of the treated product. All this to allow even private individuals to obtain the great benefits of roasting, without necessarily having to rely on external centres. The careful choice of materials and product and air flows make possible to obtain optimal results.

This is how the TX2 electric roaster was born, designed to carry out an effective roasting treatment with a completely electric system.

The TX2 electric roaster, like the other Mecmar grain roasters running on diesel, gas, or LPG, can roast soybeans and other types of cereals and legumes, in a homogeneous and delicate way. For small productions, the TX2 proves to be the perfect solution, as it allows to obtain 200kg per hour of toasted product, with low consumption and consequently very low costs.

Considering that an adult bovine consumes on average about 1.2 kg of toasted soybeans per day, this machine fits perfectly in farms with a number from 200 to 500 animals.

The grains are treated thanks to an optimal temperature, which deprives the seed of the anti-nutritional content present in it, leaving its beneficial properties unaltered and thus contributing to the maintenance of the highest quality and maximum market value. The roasted cereals become more digestible and represent a healthy and genuine food for animals. Small farmers and breeders do not benefit from the roasted product only for the possibility of selling it at an advantageous price, but also for the advantages obtainable for the animals, which grow healthier and stronger.

Extremely advantageous is the fact that the cereals are not only roasted, but also immediately cooled inside the same machine: it is not necessary to provide an additional cooler to the roaster, because the TX2 takes care of both operations.

The TX2 electric roaster model has a mass of 830 kg and is capable of toasting from 150 to 200 kg of product per hour. Its design is extremely compact and allows a minimum footprint with a great ease of repositioning when necessary. Built to guarantee thermal insulation and therefore minimum energy dispersion, this electric roaster is also equipped with a heat recovery system, which is reused for roasting the beans, to allow savings on costs and consumption.

To give the best performance, the TX2 electric roaster has been equipped with specific elements and functions that make this solution one of the most innovative on the market:

  • Electrical panel – Available in touch screen or electromechanical version, it allows a practical and optimal control of the machine and offers the possibility of integrating further machinery, upstream or downstream of the roaster.
  • Temperature sensors – Fundamental to constantly monitor the level of heat in the various stages of the roasting process and thus avoid any overheating of the machine and the product.
  • Electric roasting fan – Heart of the TX2, it makes the roasting treatment possible through the emission of hot air that passes through the grains, toasting them without damaging them or compromising their quality in any way.

Staple of Mecmar solutions, also present in the new line of electric roasters, remains the ease of maintenance: the TX2 does not require frequent maintenance and in case it becomes necessary after a certain period of use, it is very simple to carry out. Periodic cleaning and greasing of the few moving parts make these small routine maintenance operations simple and agile. Worn or damaged components can be replaced quickly and easily, without the need to stop production for a long period of time.

Mecmar has designed this new 100% electric solution to offer an even more complete range of machines for roasting cereals, starting as usual from dialogue with end users. If you want more information and find out if the TX2 is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us: Mecmar experts are ready to answer your questions.

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