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Organic cereal dryer: Mecmar for the sustainability




What is the most important challenge facing modern agriculture? Making the best use of the resources the earth has to offer, thanks to the use of cutting-edge, high-performance technological solutions, with a view to efficiency and sustainability.

The way we feed ourselves and the food we consume on a daily basis continues to change. In particular, droughts and floods have a strong impact on cereal crops such as rice, maize and wheat. However, since the last few decades, the use of genetically modified (GM) crops has made it possible to minimize the impact that climate change has on the environmental ecosystem, while promoting economic progress in more than 20 countries.

Let's see in this article how dryers can contribute to a better and more sustainable management of your crop, thus overcoming the uncertainty generated by climate change!

Lessen the negative consequences of climate change with an organic grain dryer


It was confirmed at Glasgow COP26: the climate will continue to change with devastating effects even if emissions are reduced. Mecmar's organic grain dryers are one of the first resilience tools that enable farmers and local populations to prevent and defend themselves from crop losses and flood damage, thus safeguarding communities and natural habitats.

Organic grain dryers meet the demands of vulnerable countries, communities in Asia and Africa that need more resilient facilities. Mecmar dryers are mobile and compact: the ideal solution for small-scale farmers.

Below are some of the advantages that your farm can also enjoy by adopting a Mecmar organic grain dryer:

  1. Secure your harvest and the value you achieve at all stages, from sowing to harvesting.
  2. Eliminate aflatoxins, which devalue the cereal and make it harmful.
  3. Dried and cleaned cereal has a higher commercial value in the market.
  4. Drying time is greatly reduced: as it is no longer manual, it no longer takes several days but a few hours. This also makes it possible to anticipate the sowing of the next harvest.



For this reason, many companies - especially those operating in the agricultural sector - have realised the urgency of adopting green technologies and solutions.

For some years now, the digital technologies integrated into Mecmar's organic dryers have also allowed remote control and monitoring from smartphones, opening the doors to digital agriculture, with all its advantages.

How do Mecmar's organic cereal dryers work and why should your production company consider buying them? To get the best out of your cereals, in terms of yield, production and market value, you need to treat them in the best possible way throughout the supply chain.

In addition to this, dryers are fundamental tools for stimulating the production of local, GMO-free resources. The biological line we have developed makes it possible to dry products with extreme delicacy, combining the technological aspect with modern biofuel combustion systems.

An organic line for drying your cereals: what makes Mecmar's solution different?

For optimum crop drying, Mecmar manufactures dryers for organic cereals which, thanks to the installation of an innovative heat exchanger, guarantee high processing performance of the raw material, while fully respecting the organoleptic characteristics of the grain.

In order to preserve the integrity of the cereals undergoing the drying process, Mecmar offers solutions such as mobile dryers and tower dryers, equipped with a special heat exchanger, capable of ensuring low fuel consumption and homogeneity of the dried product.

To ensure that your company too can adapt to the criteria of organic production, Mecmar installs this type of exchanger - known as a tube bundle - inside the drying plants to ensure that the processed product is cleaned of all external impurities.

Thanks to this special exchanger, the combustion air of the fuel and the drying air are kept separate. In this way, the air used to dry the grain remains clean, while the combustion fumes are channeled to the outside, never coming into contact with the grain to be processed.

This new biomass combustion technology will allow your company to eliminate the use of traditional fuels, such as diesel or methane, and all their derivatives, in favour of reduced atmospheric emissions and low heavy residues.

The advantages of these solutions are therefore numerous. To summarize:

  • savings in energy consumption;
  • possibility of use for organic crops;
  • product drying and cleaning with a single machine;
  • reduction in post-harvest losses;
  • respect for the environment;
  • protection of the crop from degradation, also due to climate change.


Today, climate change is just one of the many critical issues facing the world's agricultural system, especially in terms of the negative impact it has on soil productivity.

The time has come, therefore, to choose cereal drying plants that can maximize the effectiveness of the available resources, while fully respecting the environment that hosts them.

How to respond effectively to this objective? Mecmar manufactures organic cereal dryers equipped with a heat exchanger capable of ensuring high productivity and the best drying performance. Your cereals will be dried using only clean air, without it coming into contact with the products of combustion.

Would you like to know all the advantages of this solution in detail? Do not hesitate to contact us. The Mecmar team is available to answer your questions and identify the best organic cereal dryer for your farm.

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