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Increase your company's profits by prevent post-harvest cereal losses




Every year, 1/3 of cereals produced globally is lost before reaching the consumer, for a total of about 600 million tons of loss. One of the main causes is the presence of aflatoxins – harmful and carcinogenic elements – that expose everyday millions of people to health damage and economic loss. The reason why these toxins occur is humidity, which leads to the degradation of crops; the solution is drying through mobile grain dryers.

Advantages of grain drying

Drying has been a technique known for thousands of years, but its mechanization through grain dryers is the turning point that can bring a decisive added value in terms of health, economy and social well-being.
The grain dryers are specifically designed to remove moisture from any type of cereal (corn, rice, barley, soybean, …). These machines operate an effective and rapid treatment, without damaging the beans. Mobile grain dryers represent the optimal solution for any farm or farmer.
Their use allows to eliminate several risks, like the presence of aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are among the most carcinogenic existing substances: they can cause serious damage to health, such as hepatocellular carcinoma, both in humans and in animals. These mycotoxins represent a danger not only for the liver, but also for the kidneys, lungs, urinary tract and digestive system.
The use of mobile grain dryers allows to eliminate humidity and therefore the presence of aflatoxins, but there are many other advantages of grain drying. Traditional methods of sun drying implicate a long time, unpredictability due to variable atmospheric conditions, as well as risks of attack by birds or rodents and risks of theft of the cereal.
Compared to traditional methods, a mobile grain dryer allows to reduce the drying times: to complete the treatment this solution takes only a few hours. Mecmar mobile grain dryers are delivered pre-assembled, they are easy to use and robust (many dryers, mounted in the ’80, are still perfectly functioning); they are transportable, for quick repositioning from one place to another.
Thanks to Mecmar mobile grain dryers, the cereal is treated homogeneously, so that it can be preserved and stored even in the long term: this entails a significant improvement in the post-harvest phase as well as a reduction in losses and waste, normally caused by the deterioration of the product due to the excess of moisture in the beans.
The range of mobile dryers Mecmar include small and big dryers, to satisfy several different needs. Mecmar mobile dryers can adapt both to smallholder farmers and drying centres. A few examples of use:

  • CPT 10 mobile dryer, perfect for small cooperatives of farmers who can use the same dryer together thanks to its easy portability.
  • SSI 28 and S 34 mobile dryers, ideal solution for storage centers that create collection points to dry 200-250 tons of product per day.
  • STR 13 mobile dryer, excellent for contractors who offer their service by moving from one farmer to another, to dry small or medium quantities of product.

When to use a mobile dryer?

Mecmar mobile grain dryers adapt to numerous realities, thanks to models of various sizes, capable of drying small and large quantities of cereal. This solution can be advantageously adopted by small and large farms, storage centers, subcontractors who offer a drying and cleaning service for cereals at farms and also by purchasing groups formed by small farms, which can bear the cost together for joint use of the dryer.
The wide range of Mecmar mobile grain dryers, made up of numerous different models in terms of capacity and size, can satisfy all drying needs and guaranteeing optimal yields.

If you need further information on Mecmar mobile dryers and on the benefite they can provide to your business, contact us: our experts are ready to answer your questions and help you find the right solution.£$Download the calculator

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