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Optimizing soybean roasting: how to do it with Mecmar?

Still looking for a machine to roast your soybeans at minimum cost and maximum productivity? Within this article, the Mecmar team will explain the most relevant aspects to consider when choosing the right roasting machine.

In addition to these, we will also explain why it is important to roast soybeans and how to succeed in optimizing this delicate but crucial step to enhance the value of this legume. Would you like to improve the digestibility level of your crop and get your ruminant herds to absorb more bypass protein in their feed? Then all you have to do is read on!

What does soybean roasting consist of and how to make it really effective?

Roasting is a thermal process, which, by means of a flow of hot air, makes grains more digestible, fragrant and tasty. Through soybean roasting, in fact, the amount of anti-trypsin factors that limit the protein availability of the crop is reduced.

But specifically, what is the process that takes place inside a roasting machine to ensure that the output product is processed to perfection? In the machine, the soybeans encounter a stream of air that heats them to a sufficient minimum temperature of about 100 degrees, which gives the processed grain its unmistakable golden color.

Now that we are clear on some general guidelines about the practice of roasting soybeans, let’s look at the two factors that have the greatest influence on choosing the most suitable plant for your farm:

  • purchase cost of the plant, which affects the machine’s payback time,
  • working capacity of the roaster, i.e., revenue achievable per ton and cost per ton.

Mecmar’s soybean roasting machines are designed to run 30+ years: the profit obtained from the sale of the grain will then allow you to pay back the purchase cost of the roaster in a few years, while what remains for all the remaining years is positive profit.

For more than 40 years Mecmar has been offering the market solutions for the treatment of any cereal: mobile dryers, tower dryers and roasting machines (including electric versions). These are systems that well meet the needs of large livestock farms, storage centers, but also small to medium-sized farms.

Focusing now on the capabilities of Mecmar seed roasters, we emphasize their working capacity in relation to the product to be processed. For soybeans, for example, the machines can roast from 0.2 ton/h up to 12 tons of soybeans in one hour.

As indicated, roasting is a process carried out with heated air, usually by a burner, which can run on oil, natural gas, LPG or, again, by means of a heat exchanger. The latter converts incoming air from the external environment into a heat flow that passes through the grain via a fan.

The real plus of these machines designed for soybean processing? Their ability to be multi-grain, thus perfectly capable of roasting any type of grain, including rapeseed and sunflower seeds, for purposes alternative to removing anti-nutritional elements, such as sterilizing the seeds and gelatinizing the starch.

Buying a Mecmar soybean roasting machine is a guarantee: here’s why

Through roasting, soybeans are transformed, and particularly for polygastric animals (such as ruminants) it is possible to make them assimilate more bypass protein. In fact, roasted soybean goes so far as to provide 7-10% by-pass protein: an amount that would otherwise have to be supplemented in the animal diet.

Let us also consider at this point the cost of purchasing the extraction meal: producing it in-house definitely pays off. On balance, therefore, the roaster allows you to produce healthy feed for your animals, at low cost.

Buying a Mecmar roaster puts you in an advantageous position. In fact, our plants are designed to last for decades and, by taking care of their maintenance and management, always perform at their peak. With Mecmar dryers and roasters you preserve the quality of your crop, turning it into insurance in the face of market uncertainties.

Being able to dry and roast soybeans yourself means having a product of the highest nutritional value all year round, ready to be sold at the time most convenient for you. In fact, you will be able to store the dried and roasted crops until you feel it is a profitable time to sell them, thus guaranteeing you maximum earnings.

Want to receive more information and details about how our soybean roasting solutions work? Contact us now: we are available to answer your doubts, questions and curiosities.


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