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A small grain dryer for big results. Discover the Nano Series




Grain dryers are not all the same. Years of research and highly advanced technologies have led to the development of different solutions that could satisfy very different drying needs. For this reason, today we are faced with a varied offer of dryers, from which we must choose in a targeted way to obtain the greatest benefits. In many cases, a small grain dryer can be the definitive solution: great efficiency, minimum space. In which cases should you choose a small dryer? Can they achieve the same functionality as larger solutions? What characteristics do they have? In this article, Mecmar answers all these questions and offers some information on its most compact line: the NANO series.

Why choose drying through dryers?

The purchase of a grain dryer involves costs, which however must be seen as an investment that gives great advantages over the long term. In fact, having a dryer means choosing the most innovative and effective way to treat cereals and reduce their moisture content. The classic method of natural drying in the sun is abandoned for a faster, safer, and more profitable method.

To find out more about the benefits of cereal dryers, you may find useful the article "Increase your company's profits by prevent post-harvest cereal losses", in which we have explored the topic.

A specific dryer for every single need

The realities that can profitably use a grain dryer are many and different. The large drying and storage centers, undoubtedly, will have to prefer the use of high hourly production dryers, such as tower dryers. However, for more modest or varied needs, a small grain dryer can be the solution capable of giving greater flexibility and versatility.

Compared to larger dryers, smaller ones can be used more easily for numerous drying needs: they range from farmers to farms, from small or medium-sized cooperatives to contractors who need to move from one place to another.

Mecmar NANO series: compactness and functionality

To give effectiveness and functionality even with a small-sized machine, experience and expertise are needed in the development of drying solutions. It is precisely in this way that Mecmar has managed to design and manufacture the NANO series, the most compact of the entire range of mobile dryers.

The NANO series includes two distinct models: the 5/40 T dryer and the 6/47 T2 dryer. Although with different characteristics, both models are presented as the perfect mix of compactness and innovative technology, efficiency and reliability. The compact design limits the space requirement to a minimum: each small grain dryer of the NANO series is robust and solid, guaranteed by top quality materials and a structure specifically designed to ensure the long life of the machine during time. Both models are able to dry any type of cereal or legume in total safety, being designed to represent multi-crop solutions; moreover, thanks to the wheels supplied, their transport is extremely easy and fast, for drying anywhere and anytime.

The NANO 5/40 T model has a capacity of 5.2 tons for the weight of the product and 6.9 m3 for the volume. Thanks to a burner with a nominal power from 97 to 395 kW and an electric motor with a nominal power from 11 to 15 kW, it is able to ensure a daily production of 48 tons of dried product (from 20 to 15% humidity).

Slightly larger, the NANO 6/47 T2 model, on the other hand, has a capacity of 6 tons (weight of the product to be dried) and 8 m3 (volume of the product to be dried). With the same nominal power for both the burner and the electric motor supplied, this small grain dryer ensures a daily yield of dried and cooled product of 110 m3 (from 20 to 15% humidity).


A small grain dryer knows how to ensure excellent yields for many companies in the sector: not only farmers and farms, but also contractors, cooperatives and purchasing groups; in certain cases and for particular needs, even storage and drying centers can benefit from their use. Able to dry small or medium quantities of cereal at best, these small-sized dryers have the advantage of being easily transportable, versatile and giving great flexibility, without sacrificing resistance, reliability and maximum drying quality.

Mecmar, a specialist in the production of grain dryers, has developed the NANO series, a synthesis of innovation and compactness capable of ensuring excellent hourly yields for quickly and perfectly dried cereals. If you want to find out more about the NANO series or the range of Mecmar drying systems, do not hesitate to contact us: our team is at your disposal.£$Download the calculator

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