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Grain cleaning process: find out how it works with Mecmar

Clean grain is of higher value than grain contaminated with straw, chaff, weeds, soil, trash or other materials foreign to the grain.

Grain is in fact an organic, living product, and the two elements that comprise it – moisture and other organic elements – if left unchecked, lead to the development of chemical reactions that go to reduce its quality.

Therefore, the process of drying and cleaning the grain immediately after its harvest is of paramount importance.

Optimal grain drying and improved storability of the grain-those are the two main benefits of a properly done grain cleaning process. This reduces its agglomeration at the time of drying, improving the quality of the grains and thus excluding the possibility of damage to the dryer.

Did you know that with Mecmar equipment it is possible to integrate the grain cleaning process within the machine that handles its drying? Continue reading the article to learn more!

What does the grain cleaning process consist of?

Starting from the assumption that it is always a good idea to clean the grain with a specific dedicated machine, let’s see through what methods it is possible to remove dirt of any kind from the grain, so that it does not end up affecting its quality.

Why is the grain cleaning process considered so important? Here are 3 good reasons:

  1. Impurities that end up inside the dryer together with the grain to be dried could damage the proper operation of the machine.
  2. The quality of drying could be affected: in fact, the grains would risk being dried unevenly.
  3. The dryer would waste energy to dry dirty product (dust and leaves), so drying costs would increase unnecessarily.

Smaller, lighter parts – such as chaff, weeds, and straw – can be removed by screening or by grain sifting performed with a small sieve. Heavier bodies, on the other hand, require the use of special cleaning machines, which, mechanically remove impurities and dirt through a flow of air.

Another risk associated with the introduction of dry external bodies such as leaves, straw or other into the dryer is the possibility that these, coming into contact with the heat of the dryer, will catch fire, thus greatly raising the fire hazard of the plant.

Mecmar’s solutions for optimal grain cleaning process

Mecmar’s mobile and tower dryers can be equipped with a product cleaning vacuum dedicated precisely to removing foreign products from the grain to be treated. The Mecmar team has adopted this particular expedient in the design of its solutions so that the dried grain leaving the plant is always of the highest quality.

The impurity suction system then picks up dust and dirt and conveys them to a special cyclone that takes care of their disposal. This guarantees farms a grain drying solution that can perfectly clean and dry the grain using the same machine.

Clean, dried and intact grain is then fragrant, uniform in color and with a significantly higher commercial value when compared to a product that is too wet, untreated and impure: you can decide in total autonomy how long to store it and when to resell it to guarantee higher profits.

Technology that thinks about farm welfare: the Mecmar philosophy

All Mecmar dryers are equipped with a gravitational cleaning system to offer all customers a first level of cleanliness.

For the most demanding customers, this standard solution is accompanied by an optional suction system that involves the installation of a fume hood associated with a fan that separates dust, dirt and other residues from the grain by means of a regular flow of air. In this case, the particles to be expelled are separated from the grain and conveyed to the ground.

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Questions or other curiosities about how the grain cleaning process is carried out for truly optimal grain treatment? Do not hesitate to contact us: we are ready to answer all your doubts.


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