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Wheat processing: how to secure it after harvest?




It is with a view to generating more profit for your farm that Mecmar builds grain drying systems to reduce the amount of water naturally present in the grain immediately after harvesting. 

Excessive moisture in cereals is counterproductive to their optimum preservation. This is why, before wheat processing - or other types of cereal - it is essential to dry it. How? Let's find out together in this article! 

How to ensure good wheat processing? 4 tips for the drying phase

  1. Measure the moisture level of the grain before harvesting it. The riper and drier it is at the time of harvesting, the quicker it will dry and the less expensive it will be. Based on this, it is a good idea to measure the moisture content of the grain in order to know precisely how much water the grain contains.
  2. Dry the grain at the optimum air temperature for the predefined purpose (human food, animal feed or maintaining germinability). The right temperature will allow rapid and effective export of moisture from the grain and ensure that its nutrients are not altered by excessive heat.
  3. Clean the cereal before drying or during drying. The cleaner the grain, the better its quality and the lower the drying energy. Choose a machine capable of drying and cleaning cereals within the same machine. Mecmar mobile dryers are designed precisely to perform this dual function: they clean while they dry. In fact, these plants are equipped with a grain cleaning aspirator capable of extracting more or less coarse impurities. To better understand how grain cleaning and drying works with a single machine, read the dedicated article!
  4. Opt for a dryer with low installation costs. Mecmar dryers have very low installation costs; in fact, they are designed for easy assembly and fielding in a short time. The smaller models are delivered 90% assembled, making it possible to dry within 24 hours of delivery of the dryer. These are turnkey systems, ready for use as soon as they are installed at the customer's premises.

An overview of the wheat trend: when is it expected to be harvested in the various countries?

In the European Union, conditions for the wheat harvest are generally positive. However, drought is negatively impacting parts of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. 

In Ukraine, weather conditions remain stable. However, it is the ongoing war that is causing uncertainty, especially in the southern and eastern regions. On the other hand, in Russia, conditions are favourable for harvesting winter and spring wheat, the latter still being sown. 

The market confirms a relatively high price compared to pre-COVID years, probably due to the current conflict-high logistics price combo. Low yields in some areas of the world could also be the cause of these high prices.



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What are the benefits of choosing a Mecmar drying plant for wheat processing?

For over twenty years, Mecmar has been making and producing durable dryers that always maintain their high performance, even many years after their first use. This is demonstrated by the numerous case studies collected in the dedicated section: evidence of our customers' satisfaction.

We create solutions for drying your cereals with the aim of helping your business become more autonomous, so that you can freely choose when to sell your harvest. Our mobile and tower dryers adapt to the needs of any farm

Whether you are a small farm or a large harvest centre, Mecmar has the right solution for you. On the basis of the volume of grain you need to dry, the structure of your business and your availability in terms of electricity, we choose with you the agricultural dryer best suited to your needs.

Would you like to learn more and receive more information? Contact us. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions and curiosities.

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