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Optimal grain storage? Find out how with Mecmar dryers

The term storage is widely used in the context of grain handling. But what is it specifically? Grain storage makes it possible to “park” the crop between one processing operation and the next, whether it is for drying or roasting the grain.

What technologies currently exist for storing cereals? Each has different advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, convenience and quality of grain preservation, but the main ones include:

  • Storage in warehouses or sheds, which is the most traditional type of storage. In fact, sheds are used to park machinery and, depending on the season, also the harvest. This solution provides flexibility of use but, at the same time, less control over the storage atmosphere.
  • Solo bag storage: an economic solution but at the same time flexible, as it allows grain to be stored in open but sheltered areas. More “fragile” than the first storage option, it also takes into account that the crop stored in silo bags is more exposed to external elements.
  • Silo storage: the most efficient storage solution. Although expensive, storing cereals in silos keeps the crop clean at all times while maintaining a high level of quality.

If you are curious to know in detail how to achieve optimal storage of your cereals thanks to the use of 100% Made in Italy dryers, continue reading the article!

When is the ideal time to buy a dryer that guarantees optimal grain storage?

Given the instability of the market and the increasingly fluctuating prices of raw materials, buying a drying plant now is the best investment your company can make.

Why is buying a dryer a safe investment? Firstly, the return on investment has fallen from 3-5 years to 1-3 years. In addition, thanks to an efficient and streamlined internal organization, Mecmar is able to honor its commitments, delivering the equipment on time and at a competitive cost, well before the drying season begins.

Why sell off your harvest when you can increase your profit by drying and storing it?

There are two main reasons why proper drying of cereals is essential:

  • You do not risk drastically reducing the quality of the grain (and therefore also its price) and, in extreme cases, making it unusable;
  • Make your farm independent as far as the storage of cereals is concerned, so that you can store your harvest until you consider its selling price appropriate. It is well known that at harvest time the price of grain tends to fall due to high market supply. Proper storage and selling at times of high market demand will allow you to generate more profit.

However, when drying, attention must be paid to certain aspects – such as the degree of ripeness of the grain and its moisture level – which play a crucial role in the proper storage of the grain. How do you remove moisture from grains? Here is the most effective way. We explain it in this article!

The first step in ensuring optimal grain storage concerns the condition of the grain at harvest time. Compared with quality grain, an immature grain – i.e. with a lower test weight – is not as likely to be stored in the long term. In order to prevent this risk, it is wise to choose the type of grain you choose to sow carefully.

Once harvested, the grain goes through the drying process, which helps to prevent the spread of fungi, mould and bacteria that can alter the value of the grain. By subjecting the grain to the drying process, it is possible to expel the carbon dioxide that risks suffocating it. In addition to this, as the grain dries, the temperature of the grain increases and, as a result, the percentage of water contained in the grain lowers: so you ensure maximum crop safety.

When combined with proper cleaning of the grain, drying will make your harvest more fragrant and, above all, more profitable. To ensure high productivity on your farm, we recommend that you consider purchasing a dryer in advance. Faced with a significant rise in raw material prices and the current global uncertainties, many farms may find themselves unprepared. So as not to risk your farm being one of them and still needing a solution for drying cereals, you can opt for the purchase of a Mecmar mobile or tower dryer that allows high-level drying for many years while keeping the cereal clean.

Improve the quality of your harvest with Mecmar roasters: here’s how

In the face of changing market dynamics, doing your own grain roasting can really benefit your farm. Start roasting soya on your own farm now!

Increasing the protein content of cereals, improving taste and digestibility: these are the main benefits you can enjoy by choosing a Mecmar grain roasting machine. To ensure the best animal and human nutrition, it is important to choose machines that can guarantee uniform and homogeneous roasting of all the grains.

If the quantity of product you need to roast is high, it is preferable to choose equipment with a heating system capable of ensuring adequate heat capacity. Then carefully evaluate the size of the machine and the type of fuel used, depending on your needs and budget.


Why should you consider buying a grain drying and roasting plant now?

  • The socio-economic future is increasingly uncertain.
  • The cost of raw materials is set to rise, which will also increase the price of finished products.
  • Buying a grain dryer and/or roaster for grain processing is worthwhile because it is a safe investment (for you and future generations) that can be recovered in a short time.

Finally, a slow drying process ensures that your business can store grain properly, even in the long term. Would you like to know more? For more information on Mecmar solutions, contact us now. Our team is available to answer all your questions and curiosity.



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