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Grain processing: how best to dry ancient grains and special grains?

Do you produce small quantities of ancient grains (ancient maize, buckwheat, ancient wheat) and/or special grains? Are you aware of how crucial it is to take care of such peculiar productions? Also for this reason, ancient grains are often cultivated with different techniques than those used for traditional grain, so that their high quality level and relative value on the market stand out.

To date, the most popular solutions for drying cereals consist of bulk systems, in which large quantities of product are processed. More often than not, such solutions are too large to succeed in drying a small batch of grain.

Since these are special grains, Mecmar designs and manufactures solutions for their drying that ensure an extremely careful and delicate grain processing. This supports the agri-food supply chain, fostering greater sustainability from an economic and social point of view.

Your harvest can thus be dried quickly, processed uniformly and homogeneously and stored optimally with Mecmar equipment. Flexible machines that are easy to transport, these dryers can be used to process any type of grain, including those requiring special treatment.

Ready to find out how effective cereal processing is achieved with Mecmar plants? We tell you about it in this article.

Get the best for the money: process your harvest with maximum efficiency

The grain processing process includes different steps such as cleaning, milling and storage. These also include the drying stage, which is useful as it ensures that the crop does not decay due to mould and aflatoxins, but retains its quality in the long term.

But what is the plus of Mecmar’s grain processing plants? These are multi-crop industrial grain dryers, i.e. suitable for drying all types of crops, including the most specialised ones. Wheat, maize, barley, rice and much more: during the drying process, the grains are not only dried but also cleaned and cooled, ready for optimal grain storage.

What is the best solution for drying special cereals?

Mecmar’s mobile grain dryers for grain processing also include the NANO seriessmall grain dryers – perfect for farmers and small agricultural cooperatives who wish to dry their harvest independently and devote the same care to this stage as to all other grain processing steps.

Why are NANO series plants the optimal solution for processing special grain such as buckwheat and ancient maize? They are dryers that make it possible to “shorten” the supply chain, limiting its impact: in fact, the person who produces and harvests the grain is the same person who can, in total autonomy, take care of its drying.

Requiring little current, Mecmar’s mobile dryers belonging to the NANO series are defined as “low absorption systems”: all that is needed to function properly is the activation of an electrical outlet with a power rating of 15 kw. Moreover, being space-saving, thanks to their compact but robust design, the dryers can be easily moved according to your company’s needs.

Highly evolved technology, flexibility and agility of movement: Mecmar’s NANO dryers are so popular because of their advanced design, an expression of robustness, efficiency and durability. By choosing such a solution, your company too will enjoy a grain drying and processing system that will increase your company’s profits.

The NANO series is designed to meet multiple requirements. Let us look at some of them in brief:

  1. Small quantities to be processed: the dryer can process a minimum of 2 tons and a maximum of 6 tons at a time.
  2. Small power requirements (a 20 HP tractor or a 15kW power supply).
  3. NANO drying takes place via heat exchanger with 100% clean air to prevent combustion products coming into contact with the grain to be dried.
  4. The NANO dryer is very compact, which is why, when not in use, it can be parked in the shed until the next season.
  5. The cereal is cleaned until it is dried to bring out its quality properties.
  6. Purchasing a NANO dryer represents a low investment, easily amortised in a short time.
  7. NANO dryers allow you to dry your own grain and, at the same time, provide a drying service to other farmers.
  8. When combined with 4.0 facilities, the NANO series allows you to digitise the drying process and provide additional information on production, consumption and production cycles.

In conclusion

Sustainable, efficient and simple to use: Mecmar dryers are designed to meet the drying needs of any farm, from the most structured to the smallest. In particular, if you are looking for a high-performance dryer for your farm that guarantees optimal processing of small quantities of special cereals, then now is the time to consider purchasing a Mecmar NANO dryer.

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Still undecided which dryer to choose from Mecmar’s wide range of equipment? Just contact us: our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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