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Small soybean roaster: discover how to choose the right one

Based on the principle “we are what we eat”, if we eat healthy, we grow healthy (if we eat plastic we become plastic), when we talk about soy it is fundamental reference the roasting phase. In fact, this treatment makes possible to obtain a product that is suitable for human and animal nutrition and which even allows to improve the nutrition and health of farm animals.

Roasting is a transformation process of soy that, on the one hand gives it greater commercial value, and on the other hand makes soy a better food. However, each company is different from the others and, consequently, the solutions needed to proceed with roasting are also different.

For small or medium needs, a small soy roaster is certainly ideal: in this article, Mecmar offers you a brief guide to be able to choose the right one for your business.

#1. Analyze your needs

The first step to understand which small soy roaster is best suited to your business is to analyze and evaluate your needs, not only as regards the purpose and production, but also as regards the possible need to occupy little space, to use one fuel instead of another, or a different energy source. Added to this is, especially for farms, the type of animal that must be fed with soy: in fact, depending on this factor, the quantity of toasted product required varies.

In summary, in the first phase it is good to analyze:

  • Production needs: what is the daily production you have to satisfy?
  • Purpose: what will the roasted (soy) product be used for?
  • Space: do you need a compact solution?
  • Energy source: is it more convenient for you to use a fuel (gas, diesel, LPG) or electricity?
  • Type of animal: will your roasted soy be used for feeding ruminants, pigs, poultry or other?

#2. Consider 3 main parameters

The second step to get to choose exactly the small soy roaster that fits perfectly your business is consider three fundamental factors, that is:

  1. Maximum amount of soy to be roasted;
  2. Maximum number of bred animals to feed;
  3. Technical characteristics of the roaster (hourly production, power, consumption, etc.).

For example, if a medium-sized bovine consumes between 0.8 and 1.2 kg /soy per day, in the case of a 200 head livestock, 200 kg /day may be enough, while to feed a 2000 head farm, about 2000 kg /day are necessary.

If in the first phase, in fact, you have clarified your ideas regarding the real need for a small roaster and not a larger one, this second moment is essential to refine the search: among the many solutions on the market, considering precisely these elements will allow you to know on which precise model to orient yourself, or at least, on which characteristics to look for.

#3. Choose the right model

At this point, you can choose the right roaster, to be able to have a perfect optimization between costs and times, but also to improve the quality of soy and the life of animals.

Mecmar offers several compact models, which know how to respond to the needs of individuals and small farms (therefore with a maximum of 3000 reared animals). Among these we have:

  • T5 roaster: small size roaster (4m long by 2.9m high) based on fuel operation – either gas, diesel or LPG – which ensures an hourly production of 0.4-0.6 tons of roasted soy.
  • T10 roaster: a solution suitable for private individuals or farms with already higher requirements (although still modest), this small roaster is slightly larger than the T5, managing to toast up to 1.2 tons of soy per hour.
  • TX2 electric roaster: perfect for small productions, the TX2 roaster has a totally electric operation that guarantees low consumption, with an optimal yield for a product toasted in a homogeneous and delicate way, ideal for the small farmer who wants to feed own animals with own soy.
TX2 Electric roaster

In conclusion

When it comes to making an investment, it’s hard to go straight to the point without making the right assessments first. To choose the small soy roaster which is right for you, it is good to acquire all the basic information for an conscious choice.

First of all, analyze your needs, considering the production needs, the purposes for which the toasted product will be used, the space available, the energy source that you want to use for the machine and, in the case of farms, the type of animal to be fed with soy. Secondly, the maximum quantity of soy to be roasted, the maximum number of heads and the technical characteristics of the roaster is considered.

Mecmar, a leader in the cereal roaster sector for years, recommends the T5, T10 and the TX2 electric models, which are part of the range. If you want to know more and want further advice to choose properly, do not hesitate to contact us: our team of experts is at your disposal!




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