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Drying machine for rice: discover Mecmar solutions

Considering the specific characteristics of rice – one of the most delicate cereals on the market – for its drying it is a good idea to opt for plants that can respect 100% these peculiarities, so as to increase its value on the market.

Among the main factors that affect the selling price of rice are: the level of drying, the level of cleanliness of the grain, and the amount of bleached or broken grains in the mass. In fact, the lower the number of broken grains, the higher its commercial value. Paying attention to this aspect therefore benefits your company’s profits.

Mecmar is aware of the importance of these variables, developing its dryers to achieve a dry, clean, quality product. Rely on Mecmar‘s experience, a manufacturer of machines for drying rice (and every other type of grain) for over fifty years.

Do you wish to guarantee your farm an optimal drying yield? Within this article, let’s see what aspects to consider before proceeding with the purchase of a drying machine for rice. Continue reading or, if you are short on time, watch the video at the end of the article!

Critical issues in rice drying: how can Mecmar machines solve them?

As anticipated, in order to be dried excellently, rice requires longer drying times than most grains. If we compare it to corn, for example, we see that much longer hours are required to remove the same percentage of water from rice grains.

As soon as it is harvested, rice typically has a moisture level of around 20-25%. To aid storage and preservation, however, the moisture content of the grain should not exceed 13 percent. Due to the delicacy of the grains, the air used for drying should never exceed 40-45°C. In this way, the drying of the crop will be homogeneous and uniform, while avoiding transmitting thermal shock to the grains.

During this stage, the grain recirculates over and over again inside the drying machine. In this way, the grain is exposed to intermittent warm airflow, is always in motion, and is given time to rest/vent between heating. This prevents the creation of micro-cracks that weaken the grains, leading them to breakage.

Finally, the presence of silicon in the rice shell makes this grain particularly aggressive from the point of view of erosion. Therefore, Mecmar dryers are designed to allow for greater resistance to wear and tear. How. In our plants, the parts exposed to mechanical friction with the grain are further reinforced.

Mecmar rice drying machines: safety and flexibility of use

To ensure the quality – as well as wholesomeness – of the final product, it is essential to identify the drying machine for rice that best meets the needs of your reality. On the strength of its experience in the design of mobile and tower dryers, Mecmar provides a wide range of multi-grain plants also intended for rice drying.

Specifically, Mecmar mobile dryers work by pursuing a dual objective: cleaning and drying grains within the same machine. Their main feature is precisely flexibility: the systems can accommodate all types of grains, guaranteeing for each the highest level of efficiency during drying.

The electrical power of Mecmar drying machines for rice is therefore balanced and optimized on the basis of studies and field tests to ensure an optimal drying cycle. Recall, in fact, that there is a limit to the amount of energy a grain of grain can absorb to be dried efficiently. Excess energy charged and not absorbed by the grain would be dissipated and, therefore, wasted. On the other hand, if little energy is transferred to the rice, the drying process would become excessively long and wasteful.

As a result of numerous technical tests and thanks to the experience gained over the years, Mecmar designs only machines that guarantee an optimal balance of the electrical energy consumed and the air flow inside the dryer, thus avoiding the dispersion of heat into the external environment.

In addition to this, our rice drying machines are equipped with safety systems that allow timely intervention in situations of possible danger. The manpower dedicated to operating the dryer will therefore have to limit itself to supervisory work, as the machine works automatically and safely.

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Mecmar dryers make it possible to optimally process all types of grain and, at the same time, optimize costs and time related to drying. Would you like to receive more information about our rice drying machines? Do not hesitate to contact us: the Mecmar team is at your complete disposal to answer your questions and curiosity.

Watch the video of the fielding of the Mecmar rice drying machine:


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