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Case studies

S 40/325 F for corn

Customer Small - medium company
Cereals Corn
Need High production drying in short time
Model S 40/325 F
Hourly yield 200 - 280 tonnes/24h (25% to 15%)

The case

A medium-large French company located in Chantonnay, France, has been using Mecmar equipment for a long time to process different types of cereals. Recently the company has purchased a dryer to be used mainly for drying corn as it needs to dry typically between 200 and 250 tons per day. At the time of harvesting, the latter has a humidity level of no more than 30%: a value that needs to be halved if you want to guarantee the correct storage of the product or a higher profit in sales.

To this end, the customer’s choice fell on one of Mecmar’s mobile dryers: the S 40/325 F system. Operating in a discontinuous cycle, mobile dryers are able to ensure the best possible drying of cereals, even from different lots.

Unlike stationary models, the S 40/325 F dryer does not require civil foundations or auxiliary loading and unloading systems in order to operate, reducing installation costs and times to a minimum. In addition, the plant is not configured to work 24 hours a day: it is estimated that it can dry 200-250 tons per day of 25 to 14% corn.

How to optimally dry corn?

Just like most grains on the market, corn needs to undergo a drying process in order to be properly stored and then sold. To ensure optimal drying of the grains, the residual moisture level in the grain should not exceed 13-14%. In order to make sure the product is correctly processed – quickly but avoiding breaking – it is necessary that temperature and air speed are balanced: only in this way corn drying will be effective and efficient at the same time. The exportation of part of the water inside the grains is fundamental in order to avoid any possible mycotoxin to make the maize unusable, thus making the sowing and harvesting phases before drying useless.

As maize is a very robust type of grain, usually it can be dried at very high temperatures, which allows to accelerate the drying process, arriving in some cases to remove even 4 – 5% humidity per hour of drying. In case it is indispensable to keep the germinability of the kernel, it is sufficient to dry maize at lower temperatures in order not to damage the caryopsis.

Once loaded into the dryer, the grain receives hot air evenly, in all directions, ensuring that the product is processed uniformly along the entire height of the drying cylinder. This ensures that the flow of hot air passes through the product layer, quickly drying the corn in all directions, thus increasing the efficiency of processing.

The adopted solution and its advantages

The system chosen to meet the customer’s needs is the Mecmar S 40/325 F mobile dryer equipped with 4 electric motors. These allow the automatic management of the single processing phases (loading, drying, cooling and unloading) minimizing the intervention of the personnel in charge. Moreover, the dryer is equipped with a Riello diesel burner connected to a fuel supply line provided by the Customer.

The Customer has then chosen to equip the plant with several optional extras:

  • galvanized roof to protect the grain and carry out a safe drying in case of bad weather;
  • canalized dust suction system to discharge the dust in an area far from the working area. In this way the area around the dryer is kept cleaner and the dried cereal is better valued in case of storage and sale.
  • electric panel equipped with SMS sendingsystem able to send notification messages or warn in case of alarm;
  • electric unloading screw to allow unloading at a high height inside the shed. This arrangement will allow the Customer to install grain distribution conveyor systems in different points of the storage warehouse, in order to better manage the various lots to be dried;
  • automatic drying cycle to allow the dryer to start a new cycle independently after finishing one;
  • ladder to mount on top of the dryer and then be able to easily descend and carry out maintenance operations;
  • elongated heap loading auger inserted in a yard protected by New Jersey walls.

These movable bulkheads allow large quantities of grain to be easily piled up with a shovel. These are then pushed and loaded into the dryer.

Choosing a dryer equipped with different optional means opting for a customized system that can best meet the drying needs of the customer, ensuring a high level of productivity.

By purchasing a mobile dryer, the customer has been able to save on installation costs, which would have certainly been higher if he had opted for a tower dryer. In fact, the mobile plant S 40/325 F is delivered already assembled, ready to be used. Therefore, no complex assembly procedures are required to install a dryer of this type: this greatly reduces installationtime, while still guaranteeing optimal processing of high production rates.

Published data refer to corn and are calculated with mathematical models that use clean and ripe products and in normal operating conditions with 120°C drying air temperature and one hour cool-down time. Please do not hesitate to contact the nearest Mecmar dealer for more information.

Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications provided without prior notice.


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