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Corn cob dryer: the ideal solution for you corn

The best way to gently dry corn is to treat the grain when it’s still attached to the cob. In this way the most delicate part of the grain remains attached to the cob and remains protected throughout the drying process. This type of drying is delicate and of high quality, but it takes time and is more laborious than drying the grain. In fact, with an industrial grain dryer the corn for human or animal feed is dried at temperatures of 100-120 °C, while when it is dried on the cob, the temperatures are reduced and the times prolonged.

Whatever the needs of your business are, it is essential to rely on systems capable of minimizing the possibility of crop loss during the drying phase, making it a concrete opportunity to increase the level of production and profit. In this article, we will discover why Mecmar cob dryers represent the ideal solution for drying quickly, maintaining the high quality of corn and thus increasing the value of the final product.

The starting point: a well-ripened cob corn

Drying corn on cobs, as anticipated, is the optimal choice in terms of preserving the organoleptic qualities of corn, although it requires time to be carried out. If you plan to carry out natural drying, thanks to sun heat exposure and ventilation, it may take several days (if not weeks) to achieve a good level of drying. In this period, the cobs are exposed to animals, unpredictable weather and various other external elements that can affect the success of the drying process and the final yield.

In order to obtain the best drying result, the cob corn ready to be picked must be voluminous and its grain must have assumed the typical yellow colour. It is important to let the cob ripen well: you should harvest it neither too early (unripe corn) nor too late (already affected by toxins).

Before proceeding with storage, it is essential to bring the kernels of the cob to a safety level such that the percentage of moisture does not cause alterations or molds that are harmful to the crop. The harvest, generally, occurs during the hottest period of the year.

The perfect ally: the CD30 Mecmar corn dryer

The long experience and the constant desire to innovate have led Mecmar to develop the CD30 static cob dryer designed specifically for drying corn cobs.

What differentiates this system from the others? It allows the corn to be dried without the need to separate the individual kernels from the cob. This reduces the time required to decrease the moisture level from the grain after the harvesting phase. The aim is to prevent molds and aflatoxins from irreparably damaging the corn obtained through harvesting.

It is a new cob dryer that is easy to use thanks to the provision of small wheels that guarantee practical and manageable transport, facilitating the work of farmers during periods of maximum effort.

The durable and versatile design is combined with ease of assembly to be able to dry corn only with clean air. The air-to-air exchanger allows the grain to be processed inside the machine, avoiding that the combustion by-products hinder the good drying of the raw material, but there’s more. In fact, this exchanger also allows you to be sure of the high quality of the corn, to be able to use it for human consumption.

The CD30 dryer guarantees the drying of about 14 tons of cobs in a variable time, equal to a few hours. Once dried, the corn can be shelled and marketed at high value.

In addition to this solution, Mecmar offers a wide range of mobile grain dryers and tower dryers to allow each farm to find the dryer that best suits its needs.

Mobile grain dryers are designed to ensure maximum effectiveness over time, even if the machine is used in difficult climatic conditions. Their ease of use makes them the ideal machines for all those activities that require systems to be moved quickly and safely. The possibility of having a wide range of equipment, which integrate the system in an innovative way, allows you to customize your dryer at no additional cost.

Mecmar have decades of experience in the design and construction of tower dryers, equipped with a structure that ensure the processing of cereals in a continuous and constant way. These are reliable machines: within the system the only elements that work are the extractor and the fan, both made with top quality materials, in order to avoid any technical failures.


Each maize producer needs to dry different quantities of corn. Whether it is a large or small company, the most reliable solutions to use are those that manage to blend power and flexibility. Mecmar agricultural dryers have numerous advantages: they allow corn to be stored for long periods of time, ensuring a product that is always healthy, free of toxins and mycotoxins.

Investing in technological innovation has always been an integral part of Mecmar’s philosophy: the CD30 static dryer was born from this concept, capable of protecting the grain throughout the manufacturing process. To find out the benefits you can get by using Mecmar solutions, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to clarify any doubts regarding the drying of corn cobs.




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